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    We have reservations for May 2015 and would like to know how and when to request a 2nd or 3rd floor room? We have reserved a beach front room. I am also interested in walking the beach off of CN property. How far will we need to walk to get to shopping or restaurant/bar? Thank you

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    Sign up for romance rewards on the website. You can then check in early and request a second or third floor room. They will not guarantee any special requests however. Being in the romance rewards program you can also do a "trading places" day to CSA.

    CN is in Bloody Bay and the beach is about two miles total. As of our trip in 2013, if you walk about 3/4 to 1 mile north of the resort there is an area where the locals have items for sale. (picture below) This also where the "Office of Nature" is located. I wouldn't call this "shopping" or a restaurant/bar however. We haven't been to CSA but you may be able to walk to shopping or a restaurant/bar from CSA.

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    If you booked through a TA have them let the resort know your request. If you booked yourself then you can either call Couples and let them know your request or sign-up for Romance Rewards, do the pre-check in and make a note there. But please remember this is simply a request and they might not be able to be honor it.

    If you go down to the beach and go to your right a little down the way you will see the Office of Nature. It isn't really a bar, but you can get lobster and beer there. As for shopping, across the street from CN is a craft market you can go to, they are very pushy there. Crafters also come on the resort each day. They are hand selected by the resort. If you are looking for any other type of shopping there is a gift store on property or the resort does offer a shopping trip. There are not stores close enough to walk to other than the craft market I already mentioned.

    Bar/Restaurants - Other than the Office of Nature there are no other places to eat or drink on Bloody Bay. You can sign up for Romance Rewards and go over to CSA one day and walk Long Bay. There are lots of Bar and Restaurants along Long Bay. Even though CN and CSA are close and both on 7 Mile Beach, you can't walk on the beach to get to either resort. You must take the road and that is not safe and I wouldn't think that you would be able to just walk through CSA to get to the beach. They have guards outside the entrance to the resort.
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    When we check in on line for the Romance Rewards we ask for a 3rd floor room. Regarding walking to shops. You can walk down the beach which is very safe to the Riu Negril. You will pass many vendors. There is also a conducted walk over to the Craft Market. If this is not what you want there are a couple of bus trips a week to "Times Square" . There are a variety of shops there.

    Regarding restaurants. There are a couple of Lobster places on the beach but no formal restaurants that you can walk to that i know of. The food is excellent at Couples with lots of variety. No need to spend money elsewhere.

    I am sure that you will have a wonderful trip. Wish that we were going in May instead of later in the year.

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    First, sign-up for Romance Rewards, and then you can do the Pre Check-In (you can do it now, or at least 3 days in advance of your trip). On the Pre Check-In form, besides providing your flight information, you can also make selections for your mini-bar and make room/floor requests in the comments area. Here is the link to get you signed up, and on the same page there is a link to do the Pre Check-In. Being a Romance Rewards member will also give you the opportunity to do Trading Places, where you can go check-out CSA for part of a day.

    In regards to your other question, I'm sorry but we haven't walked off property enough to know. There are vendors who are invited by Couples to set-up on CN's beach, that's where we do our shopping, or at the gift shop.

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    You will need to sign up for the Romance Rewards so that you can do the precheckin 3-10 days prior to departure. When you do the precheckin there is a comment area where you can make your request. Keep in mind no matter what you request, your reservation does not guaranty any certain room or floor, just the category that you booked. Also when you arrive and see your room assignment, if it is not what you prefer, ask them and they will try to reassign you if there is anything available.

    On Bloody Bay you are limited on the restaurant/bar to the Office of Nature which is north of the RUI resorts and there is some local vendors set up in that area selling some items.

    You will love your vacation at CN.

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    One other off-site local to CN is just outside the main drive, across the street less than 100 yards south is a gas station and mini-mart. I have gone in there to get a bottle of water with a sport top (good for running) and have grabbed beers while waiting for the TimAir flight back to MoBay (the sad flight I guess ). The mini-mart might be a good option looking for incidentals that you may have forgotten.

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    Thank you all for the reply's! I am sure we will enjoy this resort as there are soo many people that keep coming back year after year. As far as our shopping, we were just looking to take a nice long walk away from the resort to see the surrounding areas and wanted to be able to stop for a drink along the way. Our last vacation was in Mexico and we would walk over a mile on the beach to a small village and see the locals along with shopping for our friends and family back home. What are the chances of getting Lobster at the resort or else ware? I thought that I had read that fishing for lobster was only seasonal and if out of season it wasn't served at the resort. We did go through a travel agency but will sign up for romance rewards and note our room request. Only 34 days left till the trip!

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    Sounds like you need to go to Swept Away and walk up and down the beach to see all that is there. It is so close to CN and it is worth it. We love CN but we always do the Trading Places one day and enjoy the long walk, visit to Margaritaville and look around all the other shops.

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    I walked to the left of CN. Found a bar and got 8 dragon stout for my husband!! They charged me $3 each. I talked him into a free Red stripe for the walk back! He had a big joint hanging out of his mouth, haha. We walked past later in the week and he was bar tending with the joint hanging out of his mouth.
    Good times!!
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    Nicole and Mark,
    Have fun on your trip, if I were you I would call the resort direct and request that your room, within your category, be assigned as far away from the adjoining property as possible. The property next door to CN is slated to be demolished starting May 1st. Couples management is aware of this construction project and has stated that they will do everything in their power to minimize any distractions.

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    Thank you all for information. I am so glad I joined this sight.

    blueseagolf, I heard that the next door resort was only getting room renovations. How early before our trip should I call to make a room request? This trip has to be better than our last trip in Mexico. We were robbed at the resort while getting a couples message.

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