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    Default Feedback Required for New Website

    Please see below note from our Couples Resorts Brand Manager Tiffany Anne:

    Hi Couples fans!
    I am helping put together an amazing new website for Couples and would love to get your input! I realize a lot of questions are asked on our official and unofficial pages daily, so who better to ask about what important information to include than our wonderful repeaters! Please comment below with questions you've had in the past as a guest & the answer you found to be the most helpful OR perhaps things you wish you knew before going on your trip. These will be for our FAQ section on the new site. Your comments can be general or property specific. I will go through them and try to include as many as I can on the website for those who had the same questions as you! Let's keep this to positive, helpful info for first time guests!
    We have so many exciting things coming up in the next few months that I'm thrilled to share with you all!

    You may also email her at
    Michelle Gordon
    On-Island Social Media Coordinator
    Couples Resorts

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    On a previous version of the website, while looking at a particular room category, you could bring up a calendar which would show the availability and the price per night. I think many of us would like to see this feature brought back. Show rates per Couple. This is a Couples ONLY resort and you expect couples to come to this resort. Shouldn't the room rates be shown per COUPLE!

    I would like to see more information about the off site excursions available through the tour desks for each location. Again. pricing would also be helpful. This would help us plan ahead.
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    The dress code comes up a lot, maybe a direct link and explanation as to what resort chic is.

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    Clarification on tipping policy that is shared with guests when they arrive and on the website.

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    You will likely hear this from others, consider the rate calendar again. This was available on the website a couple years ago but is not currently.

    Consider a map of each resort with building names, numbers etc. for reference purposes.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    What immediately comes to mind is letting guest know that mosquito nets for sleeping are not needed. The other questions that seem to come up are if the mini-bar is included in the all-inclusive. It would be nice to define what is supplied in the way of shampoo/conditioner combo, gel body wash, body lotion. And my final comment would be to plainly explain the no tipping policy.

    I think it is great getting suggestions from us. Thanks for letting us input. And I can't wait to see all the changes!!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The exact building or block that each room category is in for each of the resorts. It's always asked...where are Premier Rooms located or where are Deluxe Ocean View Rooms located (or fill in room type of your choice.) Couples "biggest" competitor has right on their website exactly where the various rooms are located...would be great to know before reservations are made!

    Actual activity schedules! I know things are subject to change, but snorkeling is the same time each are the dives, the glass bottom boat tours, the cat it! For example, if you look at the Couples Negril activity schedule listed right now, you would think that nothing goes on all day! Post as much of the activity schedule as you possibly can. This would really help those who might be wanting to schedule off site excursions to know the schedule in they don't miss an activity that might only occur once a week

    A detailed aerial map would be nice too.

    CTI - 2013
    CN - 2015

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    1. Can I make Dinner, Catameran cruise, Scuba reservations before I arrive?
    2 Is tipping allowed, If it is , who gets tipped, and who not?

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    Probably the most helpful thing that has been mentioned repeatedly of late would be a rate calendar.

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    It would be nice to see the bars and entertainment/activities for each resort. Links to pictures of the different pools and beaches and the gym & yoga facilities along with the schedule for classes etc. The Yoga guy at CSS is great and he should be pictured with schedule for when he is at CTI vs CSS.

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    Bring the rate calendar back and clarifying the rules on tipping (and not tipping).
    Ronda and Doug
    COR Dec. 2007
    CTI Dec. 2009
    CSS Dec. 2008, Dec. 2012, Dec. 2014
    CN Dec. 2011, Dec. 2013

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    Please make sure the "no tipping policy" is prominently displayed. The website is outdated, for instance the Disco is not mentioned at CTI.

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    I know a good majority of us would love to see the rate calendar come back!

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    Speaking of the calendar... the one at the top of the page ends at December 2014.
    CTI - 07, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21

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    Rate calendar would be a big help.

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    Another vote for rate calendar!

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    Having a page for the guests to share photo's would be nice or bring the Photo contest back even if you just win a T-shirt/10.00 gift card if you return. Loved seeing other guests best photos of the resorts.

    Thanks for letting us share our thoughts!

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    I would like to see the resort map for all Couples resorts with not only room types but also room numbers listed. I know one was available when arriving in the past at CSA but never on the Couples site.

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    Yes...rate calendars really needs to return, showing the seasonal rates for all resorts on the same page. It is very tedious to have to go through the booking engine and play with different dates and resorts just to find out the prices. When there is a promotion or special going on, it is also very helpful when there is a separate page with the "adjusted" rate calendars for each resort.

    And, since building preference can be important to many guests, it would be nice to know which buildings offer which room types (suite, premier, deluxe, garden, etc).

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    Information on Tipping & Gift Giving
    Rate Calendar
    Information on Hoarding Chairs/Papalas
    Clarification on FREE Wedding/ Vow-Renewal Packages
    A Weather Calendar
    Private Beach Dinner Menu Options
    Information for Sunday Church Options (names & locations)
    Link to Issa Trust regarding Supplies/Services needed

    Swept Away Nov/Dec 08' - Swept Away Jun 10'
    Swept Away Oct 11' - Swept Away Jun 15'
    Swept Away Aug 17' - Negril Aug 17'
    Tower Isle Nov 18' - Sans Souci Dec 18'

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    Definitely need the rate calendar again. I just requested a change to my reservation through the Love Away plan and the response indicated a rate break during part of my trip. I planned to stay at CN for 5 days, then CSA for 5 just to see how they compare with CTI and CSS. The response showed the same price for all 5 days at CN, but two prices for the 5 days at CSA, one price for the first two days, then a lower price for the last three. I had to go play around with the booking calendar to figure out if a similar price break was available for the first 5 days at CN as well if I changed my dates. The person who sent the email didn't bother explaining the change in rates, or point out when a similar rate break would occur for CN. I just did a search on "rate calendar" and found a closed thread in which the last response was from Couples, saying there were no plans to bring the rate calendar back. That's just poor customer service in my opinion and could be interpreted as a thinly disguised attempt to keep rate changes secret so it's harder for people to more accurately time their vacations for the lowest cost. That's just wrong and taking advantage of people. I'll take the time to put in multiple dates to figure it out, and so will others, but will be cursing Couples and the necessity to do this at the same time. Couplicous Wednesdays are gone, as are most Resort Credits for early booking or stays of 7 days or more. Prices have increased, and now it's difficult to even know what those prices will be. Will I keep coming back if these annoyances that all seem to add up to costing us more continue? Probably not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louroso1 View Post
    Having a page for the guests to share photo's would be nice or bring the Photo contest back even if you just win a T-shirt/10.00 gift card if you return. Loved seeing other guests best photos of the resorts.

    Thanks for letting us share our thoughts!
    LOVE this idea!

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    Bring back a place to share photo's. The contest was great. But a place would be great to see and share photo's.

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    Map of the buildings and what room types are in those buildings. This is my personal pet peeve - I like the interactive map with the 360, but its really too small and doesn't include whats in the buildings unless there is a 360 view in that building.
    What Not to Wear - always a bunch of questions on this even though you can find the answers.
    When/Who to tip with a full explanation as to why - again, a lot of questions on this and its on the site.
    Photo contest, even if there is no prize, or its just a couple of tshirts.
    List of amenities available for purchase in the gift stores so people know what they can leave home. Are water socks sold, is there sunscreen, tylenol, antacid, etc.
    Sample activities calendar, particularly which nights are specials - would help choosing which days to book if less than a week. Again its on the site, but you have to search for it.
    List of beers available and at what bars. TI used to have a nice variety at the piano bar, but now I'm reading the MB that its back to RS and Heineken.

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    Oh and I forgot, is there a management position on holding chairs. Its come up a lot lately and its another pet peeve when someone puts their stuff on the chair and doesn't use it. There should be enough chairs to go around.

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