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    Default Laundry services at CN

    I've read a few posts that the cost of having your laundry done at CN is reasonable and was just wondering if there is anyone who has been there lately that can tell me what "reasonable" means? Also any problems if you have used it?
    Debating using it to cut down on packing and may be nice to just freshen things up instead of having dirty clothes lying around the room.

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    I've thought about this, too. My wife and I exercise every day while on vacation. By the end, we have lots of rank clothing. It would be nice to bring less and have clean stuff half way through.

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    Here's our laundry list from CSS last summer. The prices are always just about the same at all of the Couples resorts.

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    I used the laundry service inFeb. It's easy. Fill out a form, how many dress shirts, jeans, what ever. The price is right next to the items. I left it on the luggage rack with the paper work. It was delivered the next day. I think it was $2 for shirts, not expensive at all, and worth every penny!!
    Charges to the room!

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    JackieMRP and Myapapya...Thank you both for your replies. That does help and is very reasonably priced!

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    My morning run would cost $9 (I just might run a little faster to get away from my own stink ).

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