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    Have a wonderful time! You get to leave tomorrow..please update us here..

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    That's funny, I was just going to do a posting about it being Couples Eve! I'm so excited, just doing last minute shopping for my parents and the kids for the week, getting US money (thank goodness for us Canadians our dollar is doing well!), etc.
    I'm off to try and reduce the number of clothes I have to be packed. I always pack way too much and I know from last year I didn't wear half of what I brought!
    I'll message you from down there when I have that hummingbird tomorrow!!
    24 hrs from now, we'll be landing in MoBay and heading over to the TimAir counter for our flight to Negril. We did the shuttle last year, so I'm interested to see if the TimAir flight actually saves us any time.

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    Default jealous You guys are there now! Tell me how wonderful it is and no rain?? Have an awesome time; I know you will!! Keep us informed!!

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