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    Default Martini bar at CSA

    It seems as if the Martini Bar at CSA serves up almost anything, so... Do those who have been there know whether they have pear or blueberry martinis? We love them! Thank you in advance.

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    I do not know if they make pear or blueberry, but Couples does makes one of the best Chocolate martinis my wife has had.
    Irie Mon

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    I can't tell you if they have a pear martini but I do know that they have a Battini there!!!
    Where else can you go get a martini and have a bat fly around the whole place then just hang upside down at the bar behind the bartender who thinks nothing of it,like its the pet cat!!!
    True story,if you go there at dusk you will see the bat and I just hope he does not drink&fly!!!!!!!!!
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    what do they use to make the chocolate martini?

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