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    Default Repeaters dinner at CSA

    Hi, we will be arriving on Monday Apr. 6 late afternoon at Swept Away. I think I read somewhere the repeaters dinner is on Monday nights. We are repeat guests so I am wondering if we will get an invitation to the repeaters dinner for the night we arrive. We are only staying one week, so we'd miss the next Monday. Plus it will nice to have plans for our first dinner. Thanks!

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    Usually they have the repeaters dinner invitation ready and provide it upon arrival. Might be a good idea to contact the resort before arrival to ensure your invitation is ready when you get there. Having a repeaters dinner on the night you arrive would be awesome!

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    Have you registered with the Couples Rewards program? There are some extra perks that you gain by registering.

    First, you will be assigned a Couples Customer number. This will make sure you get credit for each stay.

    You can Pre-Register before you arrive at the resort. This must be within 3 days before your arrival. This is firm. On our last trip I waited too long to pre-register and we were locked out. Not really a big deal. When you pre-register you can do things like selecting your returning guests gifts, make your selections for your mini bar, and Couples will know that you are returning so you will get an invitation to the Repeat Guests dinner. You can also do this during check-in, but doing this ahead saves some time at the front desk.

    Finally, if you return often enough, you gain some more significant perks like free massages and resort credits.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 333 more days until we return to Couples

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    Thanks both for your replys. We have registered for the rewards programm and have now pre-registered, so I am guessing we are good to go! I can't believe we're down to 18 days.

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    Enjoy that countdown, Calm! Sand in the toes, drink in hand, soon come
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