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    Sit back and relax on the warm sands of the beach. Look up and enjoy the endless blue sky broken only by the white puffy clouds that may bring some rain to paradise (that's how it stays so green). Enjoy the gentle caress of the tropical breeze as it washes across your body and cools you off. Listen to the sound of the waves as they touch the sand and quite possibly your toes. Reach out and caress that special someone who is with you and together immerse yourselves into the relaxation of the resort. Hold hands, look into each others eyes, smile a lot, laugh together, make friends with the employees. love the moment, love life, love those around you and most of all love each other. Don't worry about pounds or how your hair looks. Don't worry about what others are doing or not doing. Don't worry about how you look in a swimsuit or if your outfit matches. Dare to be care free and include that significant other in it. Let the warmth of the Jamaican sun and it's people give you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime and want to renew as often as it is allowed. The memories you make in your heart will last a lifetime, may they only be good ones.
    Agreed 100% with Compass. We have been doing the "S" brand resorts for 12 years and 20 stays. This will be our first time at Couples in February 2018 - in fact we will be taking a taxi down the road to Sans Souci from the big "S" resort in Ochi. But I have to agree that this post by smroot really sums up the whole experience regardless of which brand you stay at.

    I must say that so far, even before we have been there, the Couples experience, customer support, etc. has been amazing. I guess we will have a direct comparison of everything else in February.

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    Default shuttle to and from airport

    How many times a day does the Couples shuttle run to & from the airport? For example, If our flight arrives at 12:40 PM, what time should we expect to leave the airport for and arrive at SS? Conversely, if our departing flight leaves at 4:00 PM coming home what time will it leave the resort bound for airport? 255 days and counting!!!

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    Hey Nashcouple: I don't know that there is a set schedule of shuttles as much as corresponding shuttle runs to flights. When people say that they have not waited more than 20-30 mins from arrival in the couple's lounge to being on the road to the resort, take that to heart. I have never heard of anyone waiting longer. I have not waited longer, even when sitting in 1st class on the plane and being first off the flight at the customs line (no wait) and the entire plane of 150 + people going after us.

    The return is different, again many flights go out at about the same time. You don't have to worry about scheduling your departure. They tell you when to catch the bus. You will arrive a couple hours prior to departure.

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    We generally land around 12:30 on a weekday, Immigration, retrieve your bag, go thru customs and arrive at the Couples Lounge. Get a Red Stripe, maybe get a 2nd Red Stripe, use the restroom and then out to the shuttle usually before 1:15. The trip is about 2 hours and your driver may stop about halfway there...the driver will generally ask how many want to stop....majority rules. WE have been on full shuttle buses and we have also been the only couple. Never have paid for a private driver as I always like to have at least 3 massages during our stay.

    On your last night at the resort, you will find your eviction notice has been slid under your door. That notice tells you what time to put your bags outside and what time the shuttle will be leaving....they strive to have you back at the airport about 3 hours before you flight leaves. If all goes as planned, you should have plenty of time to shop around the airport, eat, etc.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Thanks for the reply! I'm also trying to determine if we need Club Mobay or not. In all of our previous travels (Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, DR, etc.) we have never used anything like Club Mobay, and never really had any problems. We have learned to travel light (usually carry on only) so luggage isn't usually an issue. I know there's a lounge for Couples anyway....Right now I'm leaning to NOT using Club Mobay.

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    As soon as you check in the Couples lounge in the airport after going through customs and getting your bags....they will try to gather as many couples going to either Ocho Rios for CTI and CSS OR Negril for CSA and CN. Transportation is literally available on hand and at will but to maximize transfer costs they gather as many couples going to same area since the resorts mins apart from each other as far as the 2 in Oho and the 2 in Negril. There will be times when its also just couple on the transfer it all depends on number of couples arriving. As far as wait, never waited past 20 mins of all the times we have been back.

    In regards to departing.... the resort you stay at like to do the same and maximize airport transfers. General rule of thumb that I have noticed is they leave about 3-4 hrs before your airline depart time. I do recall we had a 3:30 flight back and they wanted us on transfer, check out and ready by 8am and we told them was way too early to leave and believe me you will not want to leave on the "Sad Bus" probably the worst part of the vacation. We signed a waiver acknowledging we do not hold Couples responsible for missing the flight and took a later transfer. This was at CSA- so I suspect the other Couples have same policy if you feel they want you to transfer much too early than what is needed.

    Also...tipping advice at the airport- you are not required to tip anyone in the couples lounge that includes the person that tags your bags for the resort you are going OR the bartender there. The porters-(who are not Couples employees) however that transfer your bags from the Couple lounge to your transfer will definitely expect a tip. Then also the driver to and from airport we tip- other than that unless you go to the Spa which we tip the masseuse you can literally put your wallet away.

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    We have always used Club Mobay. On arrival its value is hit or miss. On departure we love it - you can relax in the comfortable lounge with plenty of food and drink already paid for. You can even shower there if you are like us and try to squeeze as much beach time in and leave straight from the beach.

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    Thanks for the input. 251 and counting.....

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    Thanks, we're excited and ready. Still 251 to go tho....

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