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    Default beachfront room vs. suite and room service

    Trying to decide between the bchfront rm vs. bchfront suite. Is the size of the living areas and bathrooms significantly different? Does anyone have experience with the room service offered? Can't get any details on that. I have bad knees and also wondered about the amount of steps up to the restaurants in the main part of the resort. Thanks for any information. Lisa mason

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    What resort?

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    As far as the room service breakfast goes it is basically just s continental breakfast. No eggs,pancakes, hot cereal. That is the same at all Couples resorts. With regards of how much walking is involved to get to the breakfast restaurant it depends on which resort you are going to

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    I assume you are talking about CSS.

    The Beachfront Jacuzzi suites are MY favorite because I like the location much better. These rooms (A & B) block are on the same level as all but one of the restaurants, closer to the beaches, main pool, all of the planned nightime activities.

    We loved our room, couch chair, and table in the sitting room, nice bedroom, big bathroom and balcony w/ table and chairs. The room service is fabulous, you can have a full dinner in your room or a full breakfast or snack on your balcony.

    The steps at CSS are killer, my wife has some minor knee problems. They do have a bus that will come down and pick you up but the bus takes you to the lobby and not your room, your room could still be up/down steps.

    If someone has a knee problem then request bfjs

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    Default beachfront rm vs. beachfront suite at CN and Rm Service with suite

    I am interested in the room service menu that is supposed to come with the bchfront suite at CN and the step situation to the restaurants other than beach grill. Thanks lisa mason

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    At CN there is only room service for Continental Breakfast, I believe what you may be referring to are evening appetizers that are left at CN for the Beachfront Suites, there is no menu for it that I am aware of, it is simply whatever the appetizer is that they are offering for the day.

    The only Couples resort that offers room service for all 3 meals and it does not matter what room category you book is CSS.

    Hopefully that answers your question.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    At CN everything is very centrally located so the restaurants are very close to the rooms. Every building is only 3 floors but you might need to ask for a ground level room...saying that...the suites are only on the ends of the buildings so you are limited in the number of rooms available. I know someone else can answer about the room service menu for the suites...I know that no matter what room category, all have the option for continental breakfast.

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    In the CN suites (both the beach-front and garden view suites) you can order en-suite dining with 24 hours advance notice from a somewhat limited menu. It is very nice, and we have enjoyed dinner on our balcony before in a beach-front suite at CN. Staff sets up the table and serves three (or four?) courses.


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    Wow, I was not aware of this and I have been to CN twice, is this relatively new? Not sure how I feel about it. One of the things that geared me to Couples to begin with over S resorts is that it did not matter what room category you booked at Couples you had the same perks no matter what.

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    Stetch - when did you go? We just came home yesterday, had a suite and there was NO option for eening dining in the room. I was very disappointed in this, although ALL of the restaraunts had fabulous food every night.

    We had a Garden room as a hospitality room because out suite wasn't yet ready. YES, there is a major differenece in size. The bathrooms alone in the suite are almost as big as the ther rooms. lol It was so nice. I'll post a link to my photos as soon as I get them uploaded.

    As far as walking anywhere, we were in building 8 and everything was still very close.
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    Here are the pics of our vaca at CN. And you'll see at the beginning the difference in the room sizes.
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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