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    My understanding was always that though you couldn't book restaurants until you arrived on site, you could book upon arrival for any night during your stay. Then I had heard that you now can only book 1 night at a time...once that's finished, you could try to book for another night, if there was availability. Now I'm hearing that you can only book 2 nights for example, if I were to arrive on a Friday, I could ONLY book for a Friday or Saturday and would have to wait until Saturday morning to be able book Sunday??? Even if I have absolutely no interest in dining in those restaurants on Friday or Saturday...I have to return on Saturday morning to get the night I want? Can you please clarify the policy? Thanks.

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    Hi Nancy,

    You're right, what you are describing above with booking two nights out is true at CN, and each resort has a different policy. CTI, for example, will allow dining in one restaurant per reservation, and after you've dined at that restaurant, you can book another night there if you wish.

    Hope this helped!
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    Hi Carrie,
    We will be at CSA in July. Can you please tell us what the reservation policy is there? I've searched through the MBs, but find different answers.
    Thanks very much!!

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    At CSA there are 2 reservation only restaurants: Feathers and Lemongrass. You can hold one reservation for each of these at a time and the maximum time ahead you can book either of them is 3 days. So when you arrive you can make your booking for each of them and as soon as the first one is used up then you can book again if you want - and so on. I have to say we always go at peak season when the resort is at capacity (February) and have never had any problems making bookings.

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    Thanks very much Dawn. Great answer! Makes perfect sense now. We'll make a couple of reservations when we first get there, and then play it by ear based on how we like each.

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