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    My husband and I have been to CN twice and CSS once in the last few years. We are headed back to CN to celebrate his birthday. We look forward to meeting other couples during our stay the week of July 18th. We are from So. California.

    Sheri & Dan

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    we are arriving on the same day( very early so we might be a bit zombie like to start but nothing that red stripe and run can't fix). We've been 2 CSS twice and CTI once and now trying the other side of the island. really can't wait for this trip. Dwayne & Cheryl

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    that sb red stripe and rum

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    We've been to 3 of the 4 resorts. CN was our first in 1999!!! Coming back July 16-23 to celebrate my sister's birthday...we are all very excited!

    dwayneh you will love the Negril beaches!

    twointen, your hubby will have a wonderful birthday at CN, as will my sister on 7/22!
    74 more days for us! Woo Hoo!

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    We will be there the 22nd-30th, for my Birthday. This is our fifth time to CN, been to CSS twice.

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    We've been to CN 6 times including getting married there in 2013. We are headed home July 21-28. Bringing my father-in-law and his new wife. Should be interesing!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The resort and both beaches are fantastic. We are arriving early as well. Agree with the rum, learning to like the red strip.

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    We are returning the 15th. Can't wait! Hope to see you all there! twointen, ginjoe's sister, and HAWGFAN - hope you enjoy your birthday's

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    We will be there July 21-25 for a quick break. We think it's our fifth trip, not entirely sure.

    I'm trying to encourage my wife to hang out with other couples this time so we'll try to share some drinks with you all!

    We'll be the ones with sand-filled water bottle anchors not drifting away in the sea

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    My wife and I will be returning to CN for our 7th time July 20-28. We're from St Louis and I usually have a Cardinals cap on pretty much the entire time the sun's up in Jamaica. Looking forward to volleyball during the morning, lobster at Office of Nature for lunch and rum at the pool bar all afternoon.

    Hope to get a chance to meet as many of you as we can!

    Todd & Michele

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    My wife and I will be there July 20 - 27 and will be celebrating our Anniversity. This will be our 3rd tip to CN. I will be playing volleyball and hope to meet all of you!

    Tom & Janna
    CN - Oct 2014, Nov 2015, Jul 2016, May 2017

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    my wife and I will be there july 26th - Aug 4th, can not hardly wait to get back home.

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    My wife and I will be there July 18-24, 1st time to CN, been to CTI once. We are not from St. Louis, but 2 hours south. You may see me in a Cardinals shirt:

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    My husband and I will be there July 10-17! Can't wait to relax on the beach and enjoy the drinks!
    Julie and David

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    anyone considering the one love pub crawl the week of 7/18 to 7/24? We may just let sand gravity take over( exercise in am, drinks and sand gravity in the afternoon tends to be our MO) but the reviews seem to be off the charts for this excursion

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    Hawgfan - we'll be at CN from July 22-29th. We're considering doing TimAir from MoBay to Negril. Any chance you'd be interested in joining up for the lower rate they give multiple couples? We arrive at MoBay at 10:35 AM.

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