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    Default Need help from people that have been at CN and CSS!!

    My wife and I were married at CN in 08 and returned in '09. We are thinking about going to CSS in July '10.

    What are your thoughts aftering being at both, we love CN and it is hard to think of going somewhere else.
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    Mark & Heather

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    Go where your heart tells you to.

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    We have been to CN an embarrassing number of times and love it - the beach and Bloody Bay are a real draw. And years ago we did try COR (as it was then named) and after one night asked to be transferred to CN. So I understand your hesitance to go elsewhere - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Recently we stayed at CTI (and loved it!) and toured CSS. CSS is a lovely property with lush, mature vegetation and some truly gorgeous trees among the grounds - very tropical in feel. There are portions of the property that are very steep and have buildings amidst the slope including breath-taking view spa buildings and buildings with guest suites in them. All rooms have at least some view. There is also a level portion of the grounds near the main beach with a nice lawn and pool backing the beach area. In this area also are buildings which house the newer 'beach-front' suites (used to be named 'beach-front jacuzzi' suites). Further behind this area towards the highway is a large pond and path going around with lots of birds. Sunset Beach (the A/N beach) is off to one side of this area, around the point from the main beach.

    If you have been to the cliffs in Negril then you will recognize the character of the coastline at CSS somewhat more. There are small coves with beaches but lots of limestone cliff areas as well. At CSS you will not have the long, deep, white sand beach you may love at CN. But the crystal clear ocean water laps up against the limestone, forming little pool areas that are beautiful. There is a small beach in the cove that has some nice shade trees and cabanas available and is sheltered enough for a nice swim. And big enough to accommodate many guests. But it will not generally be pool-like as Bloody Bay often is.

    Ocho Rios is a different experience. In general, Ocho Rios is lusher, with more rainfall. Also more tourism, more resorts, more traffic, more people. But these will not affect you while on property.

    So, should you try it? Only you can answer that, of course. If you want a sure thing, want that white sand beach and the calm, azure Caribbean water, then go back to CN. If you want to try something a little different, more lush, perhaps more graceful and charming, then give CSS a try. Hard to go wrong in Jamaica at a Couples resort, especially now that CTI has been remodeled!



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    We have been to both CSS and CN and love them both. Don't expect the great beach at CSS that CN has. I mean it is a good beach but nothing like the world class beach @ CN. Other then that CSS is equal to CN or superior in every other category

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    Bulldog - it's funny that you ask this question. We have been to CN 3 years in a row and just love it! Like you - we find it hard to think of going anywhere else. We did talk about going to CSS. That is the only other Couples resort that really seems like a good choice for us. My husband said he would go to CSS IF we could do a split and stay the majority of our vaca at CN. So it looks like we are going to stay with CN for a few more trips. We just can't pull ourselves away from it! I am glad you asked this question because I thought about asking it myself. However, for us it's gonna be CN for a little bit longer. I am going to follow this thread for future reference.....

    Good luck deciding!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    We have been to both CSS and CN and love them both. Don't expect the great beach at CSS that CN has. I mean it is a good beach but nothing like the world class beach @ CN. Other then that CSS is equal to CN or superior in every other category
    if you plan on using the AN beach i would suggest you check out CSS. The SB set up is incredible however just manage your expectation for the beach and don't compare it to bloody bay

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    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    After two trips to CN we decided to try CSS, and were not sorry, so much so that we are heading back to CSS in April.

    Expect different, realize the beach is private and not Bloody Bay, but very nice in it's own rite! Realize there are steps due to being built in a cliff.

    We love both resorts for very different reasons, they are very different, but honestly you will not be sorry, but you will have a serious problem deciding where to go on your next

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    other things CSS offers.
    room service all meals, ocean views all rooms, and mini bars all rooms!!!!!

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