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    Hello everyone! I am planning a surprise honeymooon for my fiance and was considering Couples. I am so excited to surprise my fiance with something amazing, he won't know where we are going until we get there! He is really interested in scuba diving and is certified. I looked around on the site and saw that they do offer diving at the resorts but was wondering what everyone thought of diving and which resort has the best? From looking at the site it looks and sounds like Couples is great for me but I want him to be happy too so good diving is a must!

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    We've only been to CSA, where my husband went scuba diving twice. He said everything was great (especially the clear water), yet he didn't see anything spectacular. Overall, he was very pleased.

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    Hi. We have been at both CSA and CTI and we loved both resorts for separate reasons. If you are looking at just the SCUBA diving ,in my opinion, I would go to CTI because there are more adventurous dive sites like a large British mine sweeper sunk where you can go through the hull of the ship. My favorite site was the canyon where you swim at aprox. 75ft. with the walls straight up about 10ft wide. Hope this helps.

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    Sasky, the mine sweeper is Canadian. Ochi offers 2 of the best dives in Jamaica - Catherine the Wreck (the mine sweeper) and the Ochi Wall however you would probably need to find out how often the dive boats at either CTI or CSS go to these spots (the dives are both located closer to Ochi the town). Negril diving is excellent and offers many nice dives including Tugboat, Shallow Plane, Deep Plane, Arches. So in my opinion choose the resort first - the diving will be fine at either.

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    Default Pics of the Catherine

    This is just a few pics I have taken W\35mm camera 1 flash now I have a 5m digital with 2 flashes
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    Thanks everyone. I have been looking at Negril and kinda feel like I connect with that one but am not sure! I just want to pick the best one for my fiance and I since I am planning it by myself as a surprise to him. From what I have read on here they all seem like really nice resorts! It's so hard to choose!

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    I talked to a group from Southern California in the hot tub at CN. It was their 9th trip to CN and they said they go for the diving. I then did the beginner dive and it was great. Sugar gets a ton of compliments as the dive leader.

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