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    Default Oh no, now what????????

    We were married at CN in 08 and went back to CN July 09. We decided not to go in 2010 and take a vacation with all of our kids. Our travel agent just called and book us for 7 days in July 2010 with a direct flight to and back from Detroit for the same price we paid last year for 6 nights.

    So I think I just got my wife talked into two vacations in 2010!!! Now I have to find the money,lol. What a terrible problem!

    Back home to Couples in 2010!!!!!
    Mark & Heather

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    What airlines?

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    That is through Delta Sunday 11th through the 18th.
    Mark & Heather

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    Was it because of the "Book Early" special that ends soon?
    I need to book for July 2010!!!

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    Hey - Bulldog!! We met last year on the MB then while we were at CN. It's great that you can go back next July!!! I'm (notice I did not say "we") looking at July 8-15 or 15-22. My other half does not want to commit to a trip just yet. I hope I can sway him soon. He is worried about the economy and the status of his job - even though he tells me his position is o.k. Maybe we'll see you at the swim up bar once again!


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    I want to go back in July 2010 too! Need to start saving the money now. I am very motivated so I I KNOW I can do it! It is SO very worth it!

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    Well Im not sure I am planning on booking this month. With our travel agent we only have to put $500.00 and then have to have the remaining paid off 30 days before we leave. We use them because of that.

    Hi Cindy-
    Nice to hear from you. We absolutely love CN but we are talking about trying CTI or CSS. We are not sure right now we will be deciding pretty quick. Wherever we go, we are going July 10th - 18th. We both believe that all of the Couples will be perfect and would like to try them all but were not sure if we want to give up CN!

    No worries!
    Mark & Heather

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    We are trying CN for the first time 7/11-14, then transferring over to CSS 7/14-21. We love CSS, but have heard so many good things about CN that we thought we should give both sides of the island a try. Did a trading spaces with CTI last July and although it was nice, CSS is still #1. We shall see after we have been at CN ...

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    I am interested why you didnt like CTI as much? My wife wants to go to CTI and I was leaning more towards CSS. You will love CN I hope, we fell in love with it. It is really hard for us right now thinking of going somewhere else!
    Mark & Heather

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    Mark, I think that you can't really get a feel for a place in just a few hours. As you know, it's more about the people than the place. CTI reminded me of a large hotel-like building. I didn't think there was enough shade on the beach. The island was nice, water colors beautiful, but there wasn't much interaction with the guests or the personnel, so I didn't feel any connection. Lunch was so-so. Would I go back given the opportunity? Probably yes, especially if I could spend more time there. But CSS is what I'm dreaming about. However, I am open to new adventures, so that's why we are trying CN. Who knows, we may have difficulties choosing in 2011! Kathy

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