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    Default What are Rewards and Credits?

    Hi, does anyone know what these are please? I've seen it mentioned a few times about Rewards being used as Credits. We are getting married in Jan 17 and trying to finalise all the nitty gritty. Sarah & Brian x

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    Hello ButtonandBean... Congratulations... not exactly sure what context the rewards and credits was used in regards to your inquiry... I suspect it was in reference to repeater rewards. If you have been to any of the Couples resorts before, they have a repeater romance reward program you can sign up for in which you get special perks when you return to any of the Couples resorts. You can even sign up for their program even if it is your first time at any of the Couples. You can check out the Reward tab on this website for further info. Also I would assume this is your honeymoon destination... if yes, Couples also provides newlyweds/honeymoon perks - you don't have to be a repeater to get those perks.. just bring copy of your marriage cert and there is also more info on this site for that too

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    Welcome to Couples

    Explained on the main Couples website.

    Essentially some extra perks you can get if you are returning guests. Resort Credits are like money on the resort. Most purchases made on the resort are charged to your room. For example. You buy a t-shirt in the gift shop. You do not pay for it at the gift shop. It is charged to your room. On the sad day when you leave the resort you can apply these Resort Credits to your bill during checkout. Many times you will also get resort credits simply by booking a stay at Couples.

    However, there are a few things useful to a first timer. If you are going to Couples I recommend signing up for their program.

    The Pre Check-in is useful to a first timer. Can't be done until after you receive your travel itinerary form your travel agent. During check in there are some forms you must fill out. Most of this is your flight information so that Couples can arrange your transportation back to Montego Bay. If you use the pre check in most of this information will already be on these forms which expedites the check in process. You only need to verify this information and sign the form. You also mus give them a credit card so that they can use it towards your $300 deposit. This gets credited back to your card a few weeks after your stay.

    You can also make your requests for additional items for the bar on your room. Yes, a bar is included. Obviously this won't get stocked until you have arrived at the resort and received your room assignment.

    A first timer can take advantage of the Trading Places program. You can spend a day at the other Couples resort in the same city. You can go to this other resort from about 10 Am until about 4 PM. I think this is done Monday through Thursday. You must be on a list to do this. Go to the Guest Services desk for this. Guest Services is usually located near the lobby.

    Finally. If you decide to return to Couples, many of us will, there are additional perks. Arrival and departure gifts. Resort credits. Etc.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2022?

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