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    This has probably been posted time and again so sorry but I've never paid attention to it. We are thinking of taking TimAir for the first time. What is the wait from when you get through customs till you get on TimAir and take off. Do you schedule a departure or just wait for a plane? Been to CN 5 times and always taken the bus, we thought this would be a nice change. Thank you.

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    We have used both Tim air and Intl Air link to travel to Negril and also to Ocho Rios. You have to time it just right to make quick connections. At times we saved a lot of time and other times the bus actually beat us to the resort.
    It is a great experience to take the flight, the views are fantastic. Since they have completed the new roads to both Negril and Ocho Rios it is really not a bad ride by the bus/van

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    A nice change is moderate. An awesome experience would be more exact!

    The time varies a lot, it depends on what time of day you arrive...we did it with a 6 am arrival at MBJ, and we were whisked from the Couples lounge to the TimAir terminal within minutes. I think it couldn't have gone any smoother, we were at CN by 8 or 8:30 am. We got lucky and didn't have to wait for anything, a taxi was even waiting for us when we arrived at the Negril strip.

    Make reservations with TimAir online, and sit back and enjoy the island from above! We also enjoyed the extra two hours at the resort on our last day, it allowed for a less rushed morning and one last meal in paradise.

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    Send an email to Tim Air before you leave to make a reservation. They will then make sure there is a plane waiting for you. Once you are through customs and immigration, head to the Couples lounge to check-in and let them know you are going to fly. They will point you in the right direction.

    I highly suggest flying, we really enjoyed it and felt like it was well worth the money.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks everyone. We are looking forward to the flight.

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    Hi hawkgroup,
    My husband and I returned from CSA yesterday and used Tim Air this year vs the shuttle bus which we did last year.
    I can't rave enough about the experience. We saved an hour to two each direction and it was awesome to do a 17 minute flight (which provided some amazing scenery for pictures) versus an hour and a half shuttle bus ride.
    It was well worth the 400 USD. The timing was amazing, we literally were in the air within 30 minutes of landing at MBJ on the way to CSA.

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    thanks for that review. we are taking tim-air to negril on the 3rd of december, and was curious about how long from landing in mo-bay till take off to negril. even more excited now,


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    if reserved TimAir in advance, a rep will meet you at Couples lounge, take you over to their office, only about a 5 minute ride. Several times, they loaded us right up into the Cessna but a couple times we had to wait for someone else.

    Sometimes you only beat the bus by a few minutes, especially if you are staying at CN because the bus stops there 1st to unload, you can ask the bus driver to NOT stop 1/2 way on the way over. If traffic is not really bad in Mobay (w/e's) and your driver is a little aggressive then you can be at CN in about 1 hour 10 minutes but some drivers can stretch it to almost 2 hours with a 20 minute stop and traffic.

    You could always take TimAir back to Mobay at the end of your trip, the resorts make you leave about (4) hours prior to your flight time and the drive back is usually only about an hour because they never stop going back.

    You can only fly TimAir during daylight hours because there is NO lights in negril, it is a tiny paved strip w/ a windsock and a fence around it. The office is a trailer.

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    We started taking Tim Air around 10 years ago. It's great if you are going to CN in my opinion, as you get dropped off across the street. Most always, when we havehad reservations, it's straight out from customs to the tim air rep, and generally off the ground within 15 minutes. I will not however suggest Tim Air for any Ocho Rios trips. The bus ride from the strip on that side of the island to Sans Souci is pretty long.... Cumulative, it is no time savings.

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    I took the flights about 3 times to Negril,last time at CSA I didnt due to the new roads they have now that makes the bus ride alot better! It is still about 1 1/2 hrs and going isnt bad but the ride home was depressing,alot quieter,no smiles and more traffic.
    I never made a reservation and we just got the ride there and usaully were on a plane quickly. Taking the flight next April,well worth it!!!!!!!!!

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