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    Default Building your perfect Couples resort

    In honor of our 30 days until we see CN again, I thought I'd start a thread that's always fun!!

    If you were building a new Couples, but could only take areas from the existing four, what would you use? For me it would be:

    First get off the bus and look through the lobby "wow" view - CTI
    Ambiance (old Hollywood feel) - COR
    Piano bar - COR
    Ultimate Chocolate - CSA
    House band with awesome reggae singer (as of 2006) - CN
    Martini bar - CSA
    Massage huts - CSS
    Wedding gazebo - CSS
    Private dinner location - wedding gazebo CSS
    Balcony view - CTI
    Balcony privacy - G block CSS
    Sunrise - CTI
    Sunset - CN/CSA
    Beach length/walkability - CSA
    Beach depth - CN
    Beach privacy - CSS/CTI (mainly no jet skis)
    Strolling beach musicians - CN/CSA
    Ocean calmness (for maximum floatie enjoyment) - CN/CSA
    Cool inlets to kayak in - CN
    Places to explore - CSS
    Ability to burn beverage calories without actually exercising - stairs CSS
    French press coffee - Feathers CSA
    Sea Grapes's zucchini cakes and sweet potato chips - CSA
    Breakfast restaurant - any that serve bacon!!!

    And your resort would have...?

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    Hey Abbynewt,

    Just wanted to say "hi" hope all is well.

    Since I have yet to travel to the other Couples resort I will take "your" resort.


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    To be honest, the "perfect" Couples already exsists for me, and that is CN. I don't think you can improve much almost heaven, at least not here on earth.

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    CSS does it for me as is to.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Drop CSS on CN's beach with CN's pool as the main pool add Otaheite (have to have the Pumpkin Soup). To me that would be perfect!

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    I agree with Blondie - and if I could hear Tennyson sing every day it would be a dream - what a Smooth Operator
    Ya Mon

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    First - NO PALAPAS. Ends the drama once and for all.

    Lobby - CSA

    Views - CSS

    Welcome from the Bellmen - CSS

    Rooms - ALL ATRIUMS no TVs allowed but all have a mini bar

    Pool - CN plus mineral pool from CSS

    Food/Bars - CSA plus Bella Vista from CSS

    Beach vendors - Elvis & the ceeeegaaarette guy

    Jerk Chicken - CN

    Macaroons - CN

    Breakfast - Banana French Toast/CSA

    Beach - CSA all the way

    Grounds - CSA wins again, CSS very close second. No hills.

    A/N area = SSB from CSS

    Resident Salty Dawg Swiller - TommyWommy

    House Band - Exodus from CSA

    Piano Man - Ultimate Chocolate

    Official Pet - my pal Bosco the ultimate chocolate lab

    Martini Bar - CSA

    Spa - CSA

    Cat Cruise w/ Cap'n Rasta Ralph

    Snorkeling - CSS

    Special Event - Starlight Gala from CSS

    Manager - Pierre B from CSS sorry Tommy we've never met Karen but she could be #2 based on your recommendation alone

    Never been to CTI so I'll just trust the rest of you to bring along the goodies. The omelette guy is a must have, I know that much already.
    nobody's favorite poster

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    My perfect Couples would be....

    CSS as is, would have CSA's gorgeous beach & water !!

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    Hey Bostonwalt! How's it going up there? Sorry about your Sox. All is well here, especially since we're headed back home in 29 days! Hopefully you get to go back sooner than later.

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    It would be in my back yard!!!!

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    We love the ceeeegaaarette guy too! My husband and I say it everytime we see someone smoking! LOL!

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    I've only been to two of the resorts, but take Sunset Beach, and CSSs'?? privacy, and throw that into CN. HAVE to have Lychee...just YUM. Matter of fact, just go ahead and make sure you have ALL the restaurants of both resorts. Definitely CN's short people half drown during pool volleyball at CSS. The diving is better at CN too, but bring the Catherine ship wreck on over. Bring the steps/cliffs of CSS so us foodies can get our exercise. Gotta have the jerk from CSS, somehow CN tones it down way too much. Last time at CSS, it was so spicy it made my nose run (if it doesn't clear your's not worth it LOL). Of course, make all rooms suites at CN like at CSS, and have wifi available for us workaholics/worriers.

    Ahh who am I kidding...they do this on purpose, so we can't decide and have to visit all the resorts. We'd love to try CTI, but based on some recent guests visits for weddings/day passes, it concerns us a little. CSA has never appealed (don't get offended, for some reason it didn't call to us at all). I think Couples management has it down pat. Now they need to make it all FREE to repeaters so we can indulge our addiction at no cost. LOL Now that would be ideal....and in a fantasy world, but hey, you asked!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    Karen is the Best

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