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    Default Question about check-in at CTI if your early?

    Hi Everyone,

    We are arriving earlier than check-in time at CTI. Will they let us go to our room early or just hang around until the time. Thanks

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    If your room is ready, they will give to you. If your room is not ready, they will keep your baggage for you and you can start your vacation. Eat, put on the suit,have a drink, and enjoy.
    Irie Mon

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    Keep your swimsuits in your carry on bag so you can change after you arrive, and go relax on the beach until your room is ready.
    nobody's favorite poster

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    We have arrived there at all different times, and never once was our room not ready. The earliest was @ 11-ish. BUT like all others have said, put your swimsuits on top or in a carry-on and you won't skip a beat!! Hope you enjoy CTI as much as we do!!!

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