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    Default Month of May....who's in.??

    Just booked for the 2nd to the 9th. Anyone else..?? And what dates..??
    Sound off. I know our British friend will be there, can't wait.

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    We are booked May 2-9 for our 20th Wedding Anniversary

    Laura & Paul

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    We will be there from May 2nd thru May 16th. We are from central Connecticut and thie will be our 14th trip to Couples and our 12th to Couples Negril.
    Can not wait to go home!

    Doug n Carolyn

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    We will be making our 3rd trip May 1-8.
    Dane & Jenny from northern MN.

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    We will be there for our first visit the 5th to the 12th. Looking forward to meeting some new friends.

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    We will be there for our first trip to Couples April 30 through May 4. Cannot wait! Jeremy and Kristy from DFW.

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    Wow, sounding like May is going to be a blast!
    Can't wait to meet some new friends! Sadly we will miss Tommy Wommy, he told me he won't make it this year.

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    We are there the 9th to the 23rd. We are first timers to Jamaica, but vacation every year in the Caribbean. We are a 50ish, fun couple that likes to scuba dive, have a few drinks, and explore new things. Any advice on things to do or places to go are welcome, we really appreciate advice from people who have been here before.

    Also, I am looking forward to checking out the CO side of the beach but it is something we have never done. Any advice?

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    Mike and Kelly from St. Pete, FL shall be at Couples Negril from May 1st - 6th. 3rd time for us.

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    DJ and Ky from MS Gulf Coast, 4th trip May 3-8. csimpson48360 if you mean the AN beach, it can be a blast, just prep with sunscreen in the room before heading out, have respect, and enjoy the freedom. See you there

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    Booked May 9-16! Our first Couples visit, celebrating 15 yr anniversary. Spent WAY too much time deciding between CSA and CN, but seems like You can't go wrong with either. See you all there!.

    Kevin & Jennifer - Late 30's from Atlanta.

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    Brian and Holly from Philly! We will be there May 9-14. Second time to a Couples Resort (CTI for our honeymoon, but first for Negril. So looking forward to meeting new friends and relaxing! Til then, just counting down the days!

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    Diana & Bob from Illinois, just 29 more days! May 5 to the 15th...will be our 2nd time at Negril and will be celebrating "everything"....

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    Only 20 days till May and we are wheels up on May 2nd. Should be there between 1:30 & 2:30. Then the party really begins. Drinks on me for happy hour at
    4:00 pm At the pool bar rain or shine, room or no room.

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    Same here ours is the 6th When is yours?

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    We will arrive May 17th and have to leave on May 27th. This must be about our 10th time or so. Celebrating retirement and 30th wedding anniversary.

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    We will be there for the Memorial Day Weekend!!! May22-25th!!

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    We (Baxter & Luann) will be coming Home on May 21 through June 3, our 10th time. Meeting our friends from the UK and celebrating their tenth anniversary and Luann's birthday. 36 days!!!

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    We will be there from May 24th - May 31st. First time at CN but have been all over the Caribbean. Outgoing late 40's couple looking forward to meeting new friends and experiencing CN to its fullest!

    Steve and Helaine (Johns Creek, GA)

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    Returning for the 2nd time to Couples Negril.....we'll be there April 30 thru May 7. We're orignally from Michigan but moved to Charlotte,NC 2 years ago.

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    April 30 thru May 7 for our 25th anniversary,
    Dee and Steve

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    2nd time at Couples Negril, we'll be there April 30th to May 7th, couple of 50 year olds from Charlotte looking to hang with fun people.

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    First time at Couples. We will be arriving May 2 for 7 days. In our 50's from Southern Illinois ready to have some fun times and meet new friends.

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    This will be our third trip to a Couples resort, but the first time at Negril. We are splitting our trip between Negril and San Souci. We arrive May 8 - 12 at Negril and then transfer to San Souci for another 14 days. Counting down the days! Only six more work days till paradise.
    Barry and Sherri

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