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    Back in 2012, hubby and I visited CSA and there was a steel drum band who was out of this world!!! I think they were called Silver Birds? IDK. But does CN have a night like that? That has to be one of my most favorite memories from the trip! Thanks!

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    Yes, the Silver Birds play at CN too.
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    What night do the Silver Birds play at CSA?

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    Wednesdays and they are still the best show of the week, do not miss.

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    Fridays at CN, at least it was last September. Usually Tuesdays at CSS for the beach party. Things can change, of course. I don't know about CTI. It is a great show. Here's their web site.

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    Silver Birds play Friday nights at CN.
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    Son of a gun! We are going to miss them =( We fly in on a Sunday and fly home on Friday.

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