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    Default CSA Restaurant Theme/Special Nights

    I have read multiple reviews that refer to "Lobster Nights" or "Mediterranean" and "Italian" buffet nights. We are foodies and I am a planner so was hoping to get some insight to help me prepare for which night we would like to eat where.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Monday - International Buffet or Repeat Guest Dinner
    Wednesday - Mediterranean Buffet
    Friday - Shipwreck Beach Party
    Saturday - Lobster Night
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    Do they do anything special on Saturdays when lobster is out of season?

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    Just to add to what Wally said, The Palms also now has "Italian" buffet night on Sundays. It still has "Mediterranean" Buffet night on Wednesdays. Also, the Repeaters dinner is on Monday and the Managers Cocktail reception is on Monday (the cocktail reception is open to everyone and is in the Aura Lounge). They also have a fairly new event where they have champagne and chocolate from 5:30 - 6:30 on the beach near the watersports hut on Saturdays. Not sure if they do anything special when lobster is out of season.

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    In case you missed it on other nights, do not get overly excited about lobster night unless you're from somewhere where you've never had lobster.

    This "lobster" is what we refer to as oversized shrimp. You will get the tails only, and it's small spiny lobster, not Maine lobster. We find it to be disappointing, although CSA does a nice job flavoring it.

    If you DO go and DO order the lobster in season, ask for a double order.

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