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    Thanks for answering so quick!
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    Quote Originally Posted by letsgooooooo View Post
    hi! After a bit of lurking and searching i decided to jump in and ask a few questions (i'm sure there will be more before our trip). I just booked 4 nights at css beachfront. Dh wanted the jacuzzi tub, i wanted the great view, so i hope we got the best of both worlds. We have been to ja a few times, staying at other ai resorts and haven't been thrilled with them, so i'm looking foreward to an upscale vacation.
    Request a third floor room in the beachfront room and you will have just about the best of both worlds.
    Expect a real upscale vacation @css

    so onto the questions... I have signed up for the rr and am hoping to be able to hop over to cti for casino night, is there limited availabilty as to how many people can use the trading places perk and can we participate? Also, are there slot machines available at css?
    Trading places is limited to 10 couples per day. It is only available on modn,weds & fri only. Only one time during your stay. I also do not think it is available to someone staying only four night, but i am not sure about that.
    The hours are 10 am to 4 pm so casino night is not available also css does not have slot machines i know it sounds silly, but thought that might be a fun way to spend some time later at night.

    We are going to be at css on a wednesday, and i'm wondering if the buffet offers lobster as well (not sure if we will be able to get a res for one of the res restaurants).
    No buffet available for dinner at css

    now onto the room, did we make the right decision? I have looked at the room pics available, and they look great, but i have seen comments left by other ppl that made me second guess my decision...
    Good choice for your room. The category had some problems with hot water about a year ago,but it is ok now

    any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    my suggestion is not to expect what you got at other ai's in jamaica. Couples resort is quite different in a good way
    i don't know if you are aware but you have room service from 6:30 am to 11 pm daily
    you are in for a wonderful experience by going to css have a great time!

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    Trading Places is only available from 10am-4pm. If you want to stay for Casino Night, you will have to buy a regular Day Pass.

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