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    Default CSS on Valentine's Day

    Hi Carrie. We are going to be at CSS on Valentine's Day? Is there anything special happening?

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    Hello iriesue,

    Thanks for the question! I have been waiting to get all the Valentine event schedules from the resorts and have just received 3 out of 4, and they are posted on our Facebook page here:

    I've also outlined CSS events daily schedule for Valentine's day for your reference below:

    8-10a.m Tennis Lessons Tennis Courts
    9:00a.m Cherished Aerobics Fitness Pavilion
    8-10a.m Intimate Yoga Class Fitness Pavilion
    11:00a.m Lovers Portrait session Main Lawn
    11:00 a.m Love Notes Main Pool/SSB
    11:30a.m Join Hands Pottery Class MILTON
    11:30a.m Couples Balloon Toss Main Pool/SSB
    12:00p.m Couples Paper dance Main Pool
    12:30p.m Couples Game Challenge Main Pool/SSB
    3:00p.m Couples in Jamaica/ Japan Main Pool/SSB
    4:00p.m Tempting Open Tennis Tennis Courts
    4:00p.m Alluring Beach Volleyball Main Beach
    8:45p.m Serenity Band plays Main Lawn
    9:30p.m LOVERS BALLAD Main Lawn
    11:00p.m Sing- A –long Balloon bar
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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    Would you please post the CSA schedule for those of us who are not on Facebook?

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    Absolutely. Here are the other three property event schedules:

    10:00am Orientation (Lobby)
    11:00am Beach Volleyball (Main Beach)
    11:00am Couples Knot (Island Activity)
    12:00pm Couples Game (Active Pool Games) (Swim up Pool Bar)
    2:00pm Newlywed Game (Island)
    1-3pm Painting Class Craft Vendor
    3:00pm Jamaican Tie & Dye…Front Lawn
    4:00pm Beach Volleyball (Main Beach)
    5:00pm Orientation (Lobby)
    6:30pm Lovers Cocktail Party (Nude Island)
    7:30pm Fuxion Band (Main Stage)
    7:45pm Jessica Yap (Violinist) (Main Stage)
    9:00pm Showtime Tammy T (Main Stage)
    10:00pm Leonardo Carmichael
    10:30pm SING – ALONG (Piano Bar)
    11:00pm DJ Smooch Host

    COUPLES NEGRIL (THEME: An Evening in Paris)
    7:30am Lover’s Post Office Cassava Terrace
    8:30am Breakfast performance lincoln Thomas & Co…Cassava Terrace
    10:00am Hotel Orientation Lobby
    11:00am Volleyball Beach
    11:00am Hat Making Class Beach
    12:00pm Know your Partner Challenge Beach
    1:30pm Candle Making Boardwalk
    2:00pm Pool Volleyball Main Pool
    3:00pm Soccer on the beach
    4:00pm Walk to Craft Market Lobby
    4:00pm Volleyball Beach
    6:30pm “An Evening in Paris” Cocktail Party Wedding Gazebo
    8:00pm Mello Vibes Cassava Terrace
    9:00pm Announcement of Lovers Post Office Winner Cassava Terrace
    9:00pm Showtime feat. Public Report Cassava Terrace
    10:00pm Disco Night Piano bar
    10:30pm Bon fire and Chocolate Beach

    7:30AM – 1PM Lovers Post Office The Palms and Patios
    8:30am Breakfast Music W/David Hayle The Palms
    11:00am Candle making class Main Pool Deck
    11:00am &1pm Lovers Tie and Dye Class Main Beach
    12:00pm Couples Obstacle Relay Main Beach
    1:00pm Fruit Carving Class Main Pool Deck
    2:00PM Find Cupid Clues on Activity Board
    3:00pm Romantic Massage Class Aerobics Studio
    5:00pm Cupid’s Orientation Pt. 11 Main Lobby
    5:15pm Romantic Sunset Photos Main Beach
    5:30pm Sax on the beach with Howard Foulds Beach
    6:30pm Romance in the Garden South Lawn with Harp band
    8:00pm Dinner set – Shyam Moses Patios Restaurant
    9:00pm Love Songs w/Ultimate Chocolate Aura Lounge
    9:15pm Show Time - with – The Silhouette The Palms 10:30pm Romantic Bonfire w/Della Manley Main Beach
    11:00pm Lovers Request Night Aura Nightclub
    *Guest will receive gift basket for the most romantic quote (Lovers post office)
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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