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    Default Only I-pods, or do other MP3 players work too?

    We love having music in our room, and last time brought CDs to CSA. Can't wait to get to CTI in March 2010.

    We see they've upgraded to Ipod docking stations- our MP3 players are not Ipods- gasp! We have 2 other brands- does anyone know if we can plug these in, or are we slaves to the Apple brand?


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    They are setup for IPODs, but some MP3 players can accept that connection. What connection does your unit have?

    If you do not have the IPOD type connection you can use a 3.5/3.5mm male/male patch cable to connect the unit. This is the same cable that you would use in your car.
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    I hear that here is also a USB port on the docking station if you can connect that way. Again, a cable might be required.
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    Okay I feel pretty dumb having to ask, but I have an IPOD Nano. Are all IPOD connections the same?

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    Here's what our iPod dock/radio looked like at CSS in August. We have a 4th generation iPod nano & it fit no problem.


    Name:  CSS.Ipod.Dock_08.09.jpg
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    so will a apple iphone work in these docking stations? at csa

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    Default ipod

    Our Sansa MP3 would not work, the plug in was the same but it never worked.

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    Actually, you CAN play any music appliance on the docking stations at couples. If you don't have an Apple, get a male-to-male cable that you plug into the earphone jack of your player and into the Couples unit's AUX IN jack on its back.

    The cable is available at your local BestBuy, The Shack (Radio Shack) or other electonics outlet. This will also work with portable CD players, so don't give up on your favorite disks!

    You're welcome!

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