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    Default CTI Shopping Trip

    How long is the shopping trip into Ocho Rios and where are you dropped off? Thinking about doing this, but we don't want to be away from the beach for too long!

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    They have two shopping trips, in July they were:

    Taj Mahal is at 10:30 am on Wednesday and Friday (New time)
    Island Village is at 3:00pm om Thursday. (New time)
    If I remember right they are about 3 hours long.
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    Irie Mon

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    You know what? I think it is about 2-3 hours. We only did it the first year, just to see what it was about. They take you to a touristy mall where you can get t-shirts and what-nots. Just my opinion, but I like going across the street to the vendors there. As far as t-shirts, I get them at the airport, along with our coffee!!

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    The vendors across the street are gone, the ones in to the tennis court area. Some do come in on Mondays.
    Irie Mon

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    We took the shopping tour to the Island Village and skipped the shopping... instead we walked to Dave's Lobster Shack right around the corner! This by far was worth every minute spent there. Yeah, it can be a little uneasy walking to the Shack - but well worth the experience not to mention the BEST lobster!!! Can't wait to visit Dave's again in November!!! If you are going to CIT Nov 15 - 21 - why don't you join us.

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    Thanks for all the info everyone! tracyl..we will be leaving CTI 13Nov, but thanks for the invitation! We will probably skip the shopping as well and walk to the local pastry shop in Ochie. Enjoy your lobster!

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    we will be there nov. 14th- 22nd. we might want to do that! sounds like fun to me! see you there!

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    Hello TracyL & AndrewKristen, our group will be there 19-26th and we are in for Dave's!!!

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