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    Default Booking visit at 2 different resorts. Best deals?

    Im looking to book about 5-7 days at CN and about 4-5 days at CTI. What is the best way to get good pricing (including resort credit deals)?
    Last time there was a resort credit it said a minimum of 7 days, but techinically I am booking more than 7 days at a Couples resort.

    Going to Priceline, etc doesn't make it easy to book a package with stays at more than one resort at a time. I usually book flights on my own because I know how to find the deals. When is the best time to book the hotel if we intent to stay in Mid July? Should I contact someone about giving me the resort credit deal (when it comes back) because I am staying a total of 9-10 days? I have been putting it off. :-)
    Thank you

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    When doing a split stay each resort is treated separately ,You can not combine nights at the two resorts, sorry.

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    In most cases the resort credit is only for stays of 7 days or more. For the romance rewards credit you need to stay 3 nights. As Redinthehead said each resort is a separate reservation so you can get it 2 times witch is nice. I just booked 5 nights at CN and 5 nights at CSS. We are even jumping up to the top level after our 5 nights at CN. I would book it before the end of the current promotion just in case the rates go up. 81 cold days to go before we get home to Sans Souci for 8 days.

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    Best way is probably direct with Couples.

    We regularly do a split stay but are from the uk and book direct with couples agents here.
    Kevin & Sylvie
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    We have always done split stays since we began traveling to Couples back in 2010. We booked with couples directly and then booked flight separately. We typically book our accomodation about a year in advance to get resort credits. I am not sure that they will still be available. I believe in the past, we were able to get resort credits for anything 3 nights or longer.

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    If you book now and the resort credits are reintroduced you can cancel and rebook. It may not be worth it if the price of the rooms go up. The lowest prices I found were on and if you call they can book the split stay. Headed back for New many days to count at this point but just knowing that we are going is good enough for now. Good luck!

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