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    Default Considering Couples Negril - Resort Comparison?

    We are hoping someone out there can help us as we are planning to return to Jamaica next year. We honeymooned in Jamamica 19 years ago at the Fern Hill Club and loved it. We thought it appropriate that we return to Jamaica for our 20th; plus, we are missing the people, music, food and of course, the rum.

    We are considering Couples Negril; however, we have never been to a Couples Resort before so we are a little leary of trying a new resort chain for a special anniversary trip. Can anyone compare the Couples Negril experience to the Riu experience ? We are leaning toward Couples Negril as it sounds so romantic and fun but would appreciate any comments to help us out with our decision.

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    Go with CN, you will not be disappointed. It was our first Caribbean experience and made us fall in love not only with JA but the Couples Resorts. We loved it so much we returned 5 years in a row - this year we are taking a break and checking out the other side of the island and visiting CSS.
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    There is no comparison. Couples Resorts has it hands down.

    First of all Couples Resorts are all inclusive. You pay one price and that is it. No need to pay for drinks, meals and the list of free amenities.

    While many travel with the family, you'll find that Couples Resorts are all adult.

    We have wandered to the other resorts and always look back. We have researched the other resorts and always go back. It is always Couples that we look back at and go back to.

    No matter where you go you will find great food. At Couples we feel that we are getting the best of the best.

    No matter where you go the rum is the same.

    No matter where you go you will find great friendly staff but with Couples they have collected the best of the best.

    Going to a Couples Resort is not just a vacation. It's an experience and one that you will always remember and want to experience over and over.

    Look at as many pictures as you can find. If you want drop me an email and I will send you a link to a site full of pictures. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

    we are a little leary of trying a new resort chain for a special anniversary trip
    Trust me! We went to CN for our 25th anniversary and was amazed at how we became closer. Our 26th was better. The 27th was amazing. Can't wait to get our upcomming 30th started. Will you be disappointed? Not hardly. Couples has a way of making everyone feel special.

    I think you will be like thousands of others and can't wait to book your return trip.

    We call ourselves Coupleholics and you're welcome to become a member of the family.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Lov and RDY!

    The experiences that you guys have talked about is what we are looking for in a vacation just for the two of us. We will giver CN a try and save the RIU vacations for our family vacations.

    We have read so many positive reviews of CN and other Couples Resorts that were ready to take the plunge into a new resort relationship. The pics we have seen here and on TA look beautiful.

    When we return from our first experience then we hope we can also provide a good comparison between the two resorts to help others with their decisions.

    We will be watching the prices over the next few weeks to determine the best time to book.

    Thanks again!

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    riu == kids <> romantic
    there really is no comparison one is a family type resort, big and nice in it own way
    couples is much more quaint and it is couples only ... the last thing you want on your 20th anniversary is to have to parent some lil rug rat who is throw sand in your direction as the kids parents get their buzz on

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    I would highly suggest CN. It is incredibly romantic. We really enjoy being able to spend quality time with each other and not have to deal with other people's children running around ruining the romantic atmosphere that we so enjoy. CN is wonderful. It is hard to express in words the feeling I get from Couples Resorts, but they create an incredible atmosphere that allow my husband and I to unwind from the stress of everyday life with work, kids, bills, etc. and to be able to focus only on each other. Everything is taken care. It is a magical experience. Book that trip to CN, you won't regret it and you will soon also be a Couplesholic. And book soon as the rates go up the end of this month.
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    Stayed at an R resort in Mexico, here is my comparison.......
    Depending on which R resort you stayed at, the rooms may be a bit nicer than CN a bit more opulent! I feel CN's rooms are a casual eclectic elegance, but not what I consider opulent! Having said that the comparison ends there. Nothing else compares! As everyone mentioned above, adult only, no worrying about how many ala cartes you are allowed to have for the week. I feel Couples is kind of like a Disneyworld for adults, you are in an atmosphere that is conducive to romance, you will receive wonderful service, premium liquor, fantastic food, and the resort is laid out very well, everything is easy to get to, the pool is huge, the beach is incredible, the things that are included, the catamaran cruise, water skiing, scuba, shopping, golf well you really can't go wrong.

    We celebrated our 25th at CN in 06, and returned again in 07. We decided to try CSS in 08 loved it too, and are returning there again 2010, but I am really starting to miss CN... Since we have been there they added Lychee, and the tree house spa hut.

    If you are watching this message board, you have realized Couples has a huge group of repeat guests, there is a reason for that.

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    Perhaps this will help. Please view my Couples Negril photobook that I complied using Shutterfly. We went last March and it was our second trip there in three years. We've have our 2010 trip booked all ready.

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    Thanks for the replies and advice. We are sold on CN. We can't wait for our first trip to a Couples Resort. Looking forward to being pampered and the romantic atmosphere.

    Thanks again!

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    Hiya Rummy!!
    I can give you my comparison since I've stayed at the R,CN and CSA last June. Oh yeah Riu five time before CSA!

    The R does have a great beach & right next to CN. The R recently did some upgrades and I guess thats why they raised their rates to about the SAME as CN if not higher??? I liked the R for the price range but now its a no brainer to stay at CN.
    No real beach bar at the R and you better be ready to tip&fight for a drink!
    The quality of food isnt close and the quality of clientle is mcuh better at CN. No water ski,no beach service. I wouldnt bother with the reservation for dinner at the private restaurants because in my opinion they just take the buffet food and serve you in the rest,oh yeah thats after you decide who wants to get up at 8am to stand in a line to make a res!!! It was obvious that they made it hard to make the res so they get les people!!!
    Lastly,I did like the R for the price and lowered my expectations but now?????
    Drinks?? I used to drink rum punch all day at the R,we got to CSA last June and I grabbed 3 or 4 rum punches cause we were excited of course!!!!! We were in bed and out like a light by 7pm on the FIRST nt!!! respect the drinks,big difference!!Go CN no doubt!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the comparison Fred Stripe! Your thoughts on the R resorts are bang on and we are looking for so much more since it is just the two of us this time.

    We are watching the rates this year and are definately going to book CN for next November (2010).

    Its going to be an excruciating 13 months to wait for the couples experience!


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