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    Default Catamaran Cruise at CTI

    We are first-timers to Couples Tower Isle. Can anyone give me info about the Catamaran Cruise? How long does it last? What should we wear? Etc....


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    When we went on the Catamaran Cruise it lasted a couple hours. We arrived back on shore just before sunset and time to change for dinner. Wear your swimsuits and a coverup. Take sunglasses because sometimes you are facing directly into the sun. You will have the opportunity to jump into the water for a swim. It is a lot of fun and you get to see the pretty coastline.

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    When do/can you book this trip?

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    We have been to CTI twice.

    You can not book the catamaran cruise until after you have checked into the resort.

    As soon as you check into the resort at the front desk, take a look at the breathtaking view of the island out of the lobby window. Off to the left, you will see a desk. This is the concierge desk. This is where you book the catamaran cruise. This is also where you make your reservations for the Eight Rivers and Bayside restaurants. You don't have to do this right away, but don't delay too long either because these can get booked full.

    Also, there is a bulletin board near the entrance to the Patio restaurant with all of the activities for the day. This is usually updated late in the evening and in the morning. This will have a list of all of the daily activities along with the times.

    Dunn's River Falls is included with your stay. You don't need to sign up for this one. Just show up at the lobby a little before the departure time listed on the bulletin board. You don't tip on the resort. However, the bus drivers are not Couples employees and tipping is expected.

    There is a tour desk opposite of the lobby front desk. This is where you can book trips that are not part of your Couples stay. Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain, Zion Bus Trip to Bob Marley's house, etc. They accept major credit cards.

    Only 385 days until we return to paradise.

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    Reviving this thread as I'm having trouble posting a new one. Can someone tell me what days the cruise is scheduled? We are looking to book a day of excursions with a tour company and want to know what days to avoid.

    Thanks Everyone.

    Chris + Irene July 11-18

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    Offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 3:30 pm. Sign up required 1 day in advance

    We use the Tour Desk on the resort to book our off resort excursions. Here's why.

    When we first get to our room and have unpacked we will look at the Welcome Package. In this Welcome Package you will find an up to date schedule of activities on the resort for that week. We will browse this first. Next we will make our reservations for any of the special restaurants and book the Catamaran Cruise at the Concierge desk in the lobby. Bayside is our favorite. On the first day we will also stop by the Tour Desk and grab some brochures for some of the excursions that interest us. Usually sometime on the second day we will return to the Tour Desk in the lobby and book any off resort excursions that interest us. This way we won't miss anything due to scheduling conflicts. Another recommendation. You will find a bulletin board near the entrance to the Patio restaurant. This will have the most up to date information about activities on the resort for the current day. This is updated at least once per day, more often if necessary. Make it a point to check this bulletin board at least once per day.

    Another tip. One time we were booked on the Catamaran Cruise and we thought it was cancelled because of red flag conditions. It really wasn't cancelled. Instead they had shuttle busses taking you to a pier on Ocho Rios and the cruise went as scheduled. Always check with the Concierge desk if you think this cruise may be canceled.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
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    Great info!!

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