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    Our first trip to Jamaica to CSA..any do or don't from you old timers? Read about have to try all the soups, really? Be there over Thanksgiving into Dec.glad to get away from all the turkey and what goes with it. parker

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    Try the banana stuffed French toast at patois. Go the grill and order the snapper sandwich and french fries. Smother the French fries in cheese sauce. Go to the Palms on Saturday night and try the lobster. Make sure to go to the bonfire and listen to Shiam. And, take out the hobie cat sailboats.

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    Here's my advice.....DON'T worry about anything...DO enjoy everything!!

    29 DAYS TO GO!!!!

    Michelle and Brandon

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    Yes, the soups are fabulous! All the food is! Try everything new & different to you. We arrive on the 27th. If we see you @ the Sunset Bar, we'll buy you a drink and you can tell us how much you like/love CSA! Enjoy! Razzl

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    My advice ...enjoy ..if you miss anything come back!!!
    But a few must do's:-
    1. Snorkeling
    2. Ultimate Chocolate
    3. Banana French Toast
    4. Play Tennis (better than we did!).
    5. Walk along the beach
    6. Dont bother with the shopping trip
    7. Ricks is worth a visit
    8. Feathers
    9. Patois
    10. Chilled soup at seagrapes
    11. Hummingbird Cocktail
    12. Chocolate Martini
    13. The sunsets ...drinking a hummingbird
    14. Lobster Night
    15. The Beach Party
    16. Blue Mountain coffee delivered to your room
    17. The Staff...
    18. The Spa...
    19. The overall social scene
    20. Spending total quality time with the one you love.....

    Its not bad there.....only 77 days to go...

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    We do look forward to the soups. The chilled soups are fabulous. The snapper sandwich at Sea Grapes is a great lunch. Fruit smoothies at the Palms at breakfast are a staple for us.

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    Must do... spend time with Ulti around the piano bar.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Make sure you go to the Martini Bar. It is located upstairs at the Palms Restaurant. Also, you have to try snorkeling...if you haven' is so relaxing and romantic. You are going to have a blast. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    You have made an excellent selection in resorts for your first trip to Jamaica. Since this is your first time to the island I will offer a little bit of "out of the ordinary" advice.

    DON'T listen to the stories about crime and violence on the island. We have been going to Jamaica for 22 years now and have never experienced anything negative in regards to this. The people are just wonderful, friendly people.

    DON't listen to anyone at the airport about being your tour company. Once through customs just keep walking until you see the Couples lounge. That is where you will get the information on your transfers.

    DO go with an open mind. It is a very poor country. What you will see on the bus ride to the resort needs to be regarded for what it is. Again, the people on the island are wonderful, hard working people who are just trying to live the best they can. Oh yeah, be ready for the ride of your life on the bus. It's can be a bit scary the first time, but the drivers are very good.

    DO take advantage of all the inclusions that CSA provides. They provide more than some of the other all-inclusive resorts. Like, the catamaran cruise, the trip to Margaritaville (which is walkable, but who wants to stumble back to the hotel), waterskiing, scuba, glass bottom boats, snorkeling, and on and on and on.

    DO wait to buy all your alcohol and/or cigaretts to take back home at the airport. The prices are really good at the airport on these things. Also remember, you can carry the alcohol on to the plane in JA, but if you transfer flights in the states, they will make you put it in your checked luggage after customs and immagration for your 2nd flight.

    DO take the orientation tour of the resort within a day or two. It shows you where everything is on the resort and provides a lot of useful information to help make your vacation all you want it to be.

    And last, but not least -- DON'T worry...DO be're in Jamaica and your staying at Couples Swept Away! It is AMAZING! Have a blast.

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    You'll hear plenty of DO's so I'll give you a DON'T.

    DON'T wait a full year to book that return trip to your little piece of Heaven.

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