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    Default Deep Sea Fishing 11/3-11/10

    WIfe and I will be at CSA from 11/3-11/10 and are looking to see if anyone would like to rent a charter for some deep sea fishing during the week.

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    Default Yeah Mon!

    I will be at CSA Sat Oct 1 thru Sun Nov 8th. I posted a message looking for a couple of people to split a charter. I've done some research on some boats and have some info. If you want to email me direct, my email address is:

    Hope to hear from you!

    Capt. Larry

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    Dave, didn't see my previous message post. I'll be at CSA while you are there and I'm looking for two to fill a charter. My email is" I've researched a few boats and have some info. Hope to hear frm you.

    Capt. Larry

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    Dave and Larry,
    Will be at CSA from Nov 1-13 and would be interested in doing a charter too. Let me know if you need 2 more to make it a six pack. I know they have 4 person charters but we could get a much larger boat with 6 people. We prefer to do a morning 1/2 day charter as the afternoons sometimes get very windy with t-storms. Let me know if you still need 2 more.

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    Sounds good to me...send me an email to my home address and I'll forward some info that I have...Larry

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    Default Fishin Mon!!

    I'm a fishing nut...(I'm a charter boat capt myself) I will try to fish 2 days. (If I can't, I'll fish one) Most boats are priced on 6 people. (Stanley's in Negril has a 4 person boat) I have a charter that will give us a nice discount if I book two days. I think I can get 2 days w a group of six for about $75 per person/day!! That's a deal!!

    It can be a different group or the let me know if you want a shot at some big Jamaican fish mon! I'll put it together.

    Capt. Larry

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