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    We will be staying at CN this January, and plan to take a few
    donations for children. We usually give them to the cab driver
    we hirer to give to his church or anyone who can use them.
    But this year we don't plan to take any excursions, as in years
    past, and plan to just relax. We were thinking of seeing if one
    of the vendors would like them. Do you think they would take
    offense to this? If so, any other suggestions as to who would
    welcome them without us having to deliver them?
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You can give them to the people at the front desk and they will see it gets to whomever needs it. Or, you can gift them to some of the staff at the resort. We took school supplies last year, and gave the majority to our housekeeper who has 3 kids. She was so grateful, and had the biggest smile on her face when we said they were for her.

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    We are planning on bringing items with us as well but the only thing I have to question is if you give them to the vendors who is to say that they wouldn't sell them to make money, you might be better off giving them to people who work at the resort..

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    I would give them to the front desk, they will make sure the items get to the school. A vendor may just sell them.
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