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    Me and my fiance are looking to book our honeymoon with Couples Negril. I have spoken to some of the customer service via email and they have given a lot of good information. We are looking to do the all inclusive flight and hotel. My question is about the flight. I know that we are paying for the flight and hotel together, but will we get assigned a seat number for the flight there and back to ensure that we get to Jamaica as scheduled? I would hate to spend all that money and not get on our flight or get bumped off.

    Has any one booked their flight and hotel stay straight through couples resort and been assigned a seat number for their flight? Has everything gone smoothly?

    This will be our first time traveling out of the country by plane, so I get a little nervous. Thanks for any input that you can give me or any staff member can give me.


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    When they book your flight they will also give you seat assignments. It may not happen at time of booking but you will be given your seat numbers before you leave. You can also go to the airline's website, once it's booked, if you want to change your seat assignments.

    We usually book our travel through a TA we're familiar with just to give peace of mind that everything gets done right. They can book everything through Couples for you...or maybe find a better airfare.

    Relax and be ready to enjoy the time of your lives. Congrats on the upcoming wedding and honeymoon!!

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    What Bart and Bug said!

    Congratulations, bgreen! Looking forward to welcoming you to Couples soon. <3
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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