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    Default Pelican Bar from CSA and CN

    There have been numerous questions and emails asking about getting to or going to Pelican Bar from CSA or CN.

    It is important to note that a trip to Pelican Bar is not offered as an off site excursion from either of these resorts. This is usually a side trip that is offered thru some of the off site tour services. To try and book a trip just to Pelican Bar you would need to make your way to Treasure Cove or the Black River area on the south coast and rent a boat to take you out there.

    My personal opinion is not to try an book just a trip out to Pelican Bar but to have it added to your days adventure.

    On our adventure we went as a group and did the Black River Safari. We were taken farther up river past the bridge and where most tours don't go to the Bar From No Where. We then went out to Pelican Bar (no dolphins around that day). From there we headed for YS Falls with a side stop at a roadside kitchen for lunch. We left at 7 AM and returned at 6:30 pm. We returned pleased with our day out and with our tour service.

    So for those of you who just want to go to Pelican Bar thinking it is a great place to get drunk or party think again. It is not on the every day traveled path.

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    Great advice Jim, I totally agree, the Pelican Bar is a stop along the way!
    We got lucky and saw dolphins on the way, we did the Pelican Bar first, then the Black River and YS Falls, it was a very full day, but one I will never forget!

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    This post needs to be brought back up. For those of you who have questions I hope this helps.

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    Rdyjmjm, another option for those that don't want to add YS or Appleton or Black River or Treasue Beach dolphins to the Pelican Bar is to combine the Pelican by boat with a stop at Rudy's Bar In The Middle Of Nowhere's fresh water river swim, accessible by vehicle ( kills the suspension, but heck, Rudy is a super nice guy and it hurts to see him survive now on next to nothing since so few people know about him or how to get there.... )

    Yet another option is to make the Pelican Bar the farthest away destination, but for those who like to explore or indulge in true Jamaican bars or libations, add in a set of little, local, roadside bar stops...nothing "touristy" for sure...pure genuine countryside people and ambiance..and 100% safe, so no worries there.

    Now, one thing to have people understand is that there is vehicle ride time involved...1.5 hours easily to the town of Black River and another 20 minutes down the rutted 'goat path' roadway to the community of Parrottee where the boat is caught to get you to the Pelican Bar. Factor in the boat ride, time to drink,eat, play in the water at the bar, boat ride back to land, little bar/eaterie stops along the way = you have a full day tour, and not inexpensive, unless you can team up with others of like mind.

    Was at the Pelican Bar a couple of days ago and had a "first time" to 'pet' a jellyfish...the kind without tentacles. Was told they do not sting, only "scratch" (itch" if not handled correctly. Wasn't brave enough to pick it up, but did pet the top of it...felt just like a quivering bowl of jello. It really was pretty...reminded me of a crocheted armrest doily.

    Even after eleven years living here, there's still always something new to learn !

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    Road Gypsy

    The key point is that the resorts do not offer the Pelican Bar trip as an off resort excursion as part of their listed trips.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that those who like to explore and indulge in the Jamaican way of life that these out of the way spots are simply a great way to experience Jamaica and its people.

    Pelican Bar with the Sea Urchin Races or perhaps you'll venture out and find a Conch to play with. It's an adventure and worth the time but make a day of it.

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    Bringing this back up to answer the repeat question on Pelican Bar.

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