Hi, I would greatly appreciate a response as soon as someone can find a chance. I want to book a trip back to CSA for Oct 2010. I've started to do it myself, but then I get nervous and I back out and decide to wait. I used a travel agent last time, but I'm not entirely sure what she did for us exactly. BUT Our trip went smoothly, we were expected, registered, received the right rooms etc. But I wondered if it wasn't something I could have done on my own. Cause it seems like lots of people on board book their rooms themselves online with no problems. Since Oct 2010 is so far away, it appears that I can't book my airline tickets yet. I think that is the main problem which is causing me such hestitation. Ok, I'm a worry wart anyway, but it makes me so nervous. What if there are no flights out on the date I need or some other awful thing like that. I know I could surely book my hotel now and book my airline later, but will Couples allow me to change/adjust my dates for available flights later if necessary? Thanks to anyone who can provide guidance. I don't really see a need for a travel agent, but I certainly don't want to mess up anything on my own.