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    Has anyone rented a bicycle in Jamaica? Our first hotel is a little away from the action and our second hotel (CSA!!) seems like it is close enough to bike to locations. So either way, we thought it might be a low-cost alternative to taxis. But is it safe? Any thoughts? Also, anyone know any prices?

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    You can rent bikes in Negril. Safe?? Traffic can be hectic on the busier stretches of Norman Manley Boulevard, so ride with care.

    A better and safer bet maybe taking the bus. It is low cost.
    Irie Mon

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    CSA use to have group bike tours but have dropped this excursion ether due to lack of interest or it just got to be too dangerous. I ride bike all over Iowa and I don’t think I would attempt to ride on the road to Negril.

    You will understand once you see the local folks drive.

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    I would not ride a bicycle on those roads

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