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    Default Rotary meetings near CSA?

    OK, I know it's not romantic, but we're going to CSA in January and I'd like to find a Rotary meeting to attend.

    Many years ago I attended a Rotary meeting in Montego Bay. I was the only woman there--and I was the only American, too. The Rotarians were so very kind and welcoming, and as a business person I really learned a lot about real, day to day life in Jamaica.

    They were trying to get together $200 to put a fresh water bubbler in one of the elementary schools. My club back here was able to make a matching grant and get them many bubblers for many schools. It was a wonderful feeling.

    I've read on the message board about folks helping schools--I'd like to meet local folks who can tell me what is really needed, whether at a school or somewhere else--and get the lowdown on the best jerk around, etc. So, I'm not trying to find a meeting of other visitors (like they have on cruise ships), I'm looking for the local Club if there is one in the Negril area.

    Anyone know?

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    According to the Negril Rotary Club website, they meet Wed. at 7:00 pm.

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    i think this link is what you are looking for:


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    excellent, thank you! And i guess this isn't the Rotary of 15+ years ago-the contact's name is Roberta, not Robert---I'll fit in a little better!

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