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Thread: Bring Booze?

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    Default Bring Booze?

    Is there any need to bring your own alchohol? It would seem ther's enough available that you shouldn't need any...advise?

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    Why take extra to an all inclusive?

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    Capt Larry,

    I believe you may be thinking along the lines of a cruise ship. Couples is an ALL inclusive resort featuring premium alcohol, everything is included, no charge for drinks, meals, activities that are included. Unless you drink something very unusual... You will find most top shelf brands there no add'l charge. House wines are included, but there is a wine list available and the wines on that list you will be charged for, other than that no surprises.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Great question, I would like to know as well. Anyone have an idea??

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    Why would you bring your own? Do you need something that is not commonly available. They have LOTS of rum and red stripe, and that is all that really matters in Jamaica.

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    That would seem to be a waste. Even if I had a favorite, I'd want to try the local stuff.

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    Capt Larry

    The resorts have a rather ample supply of just about anything you want.

    You can always go down to the Appleton Rum Estate and get more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt Larry View Post
    Is there any need to bring your own alchohol? It would seem ther's enough available that you shouldn't need any...advise?
    if you were to bring something it would be either your favorite wine or perhaps some very top shelf liquor that the resort wouldnt have such as silver select jack daniels or johnny walker blue

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    No, There is plenty of booze of all types there and it is all included in your room price. No need for any from home IMO.

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    From what I read, there's enough alcohol for everyone.

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    It's all included in the cost so I don't see a need to BYOB. Now bringing some Jamaican rum that's a different story!

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    Couples has more than enough booze. No need to bring your own, but you might want to bring some rum cream home as you can't get that in the states.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    No need! Lots available at the bars and restaurants and what you can order at your mini bar.


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    If you go the week after March 20, 2010 you may want to bring some... that's when we'd be leaving... hic! scuse me! :-D

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    Couples have all the Rum, Crown Royal, wine, beer, mixers, Gin, Vodka, and what ever else you may want. If you have a special brand and type they may not have that.

    Are you looking for a special brand and type? If you are, post what you are wanting and what resort, some will know if they have it.

    Enjoy and Make your first drink a Bob Marley and make the second drink a Salty Dog.
    Irie Mon

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    This may give you a better idea of what to expect. This is the beach bar at CSS.
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    I think the poster is thinking of terms of having something in your know, so if you engaged in indoor sports, you can be refreshed and not have to go to the bar (if you don't have a mini bar).

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    There is so much booze you will return home an alcoholic!!!!
    Shari & James
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