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    Default July 19th-24th picture thread

    We will be there. Anyone else?
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    Yes, Anita and Al will be there. It cannot come too soon!!!!!!!!

    One Love!

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    12 days until we arrive in Paradise! We had a good weekend of Yamon Training! The clock is ticking - where is everyone else for this week?

    One Love!

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    We will be there 18-22 July

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    Default Welcome Trudie

    Good to see some more couples on the board. Have you guys been to CN before. Post a pic if you can. We are at the top of the page.

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    The King and I are joyously doing the single digit salsa. We are awaiting a severe case of sand gravity, drinkitis and romance. YA MON

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    Default The King and I Picture

    These pics are harder than before
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    Name:  phpzKNrupAM.jpg
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Size:  14.9 KBIt's time for the Single Digit Salsa!!! Nine more days until we return home!!!!!!!! I can feel the vibes pulling me, soothing me. . . . .

    One Love!

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    Now that it is nearly time to go, I have realized just how much there is to do in this last week! Between getting everything ready to pack, getting everything in place for my business, and Anita's boss laying deadlines "before she leaves" on her we have a very hectic week ahead! Oh well. All this will melt away when we climb on that plane to Mobay!! Soon come!

    One Love!

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    Default Single Digits

    Hey Kingmelon we are in the single digits now. Seems like the week before you go is so busy. We are usually getting things ready to leave right up until moment we pull out. We leave out of Atlanta and will spend the night close to the airport. Maybe I will unwind that night. Atlanta airport will get me on edge again. I guess when that firts red stripe touches my lips all will be good.

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    We are counting the days, 17-24 for us. We are celebrating our second wedding anniversary and our second trip to Negril!!! The flight is crazy long from Seattle but worth it!

    Nick and Julie

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    Hi KingFish - Don't you love Hartfield Airport LOL Due to flight time changes, we now fly to Atlanta, spend the night (Hilton by the Airport was $85 not too long ago) and then get the early flight to MoBay. Too bad we don't leave the same day as you are likely on the same flight. Yes the last week will be NUTS but next Friday at this time all will be irie Mon. See you at CN - safe travels

    SINGLE DIGIT SALSA - shake your groove thing yah yah yah
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    Nick and Julie I feel for you guys having to fly that far but I is worth it. Have a safe trip. Jahnadian we just drive over the night before and stay close to the airport. We take the hotel shuttle the next morning. That cuts out any possibility of something delaying us on the way over.

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    We'll be there for our 3rd CN visit on the 18th! I'm so excited!

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    Welcome to the family Nick & Julie, and Stlcouple! You will have a blast. The vibes at CN are magical!

    Three days until we leave!!!! It is amazing how slow the clock has started moving! I am worse than a kid waiting for Christmas!

    Right now, I am really wishing that we had not planned to go to Mobay for the Sumfest - would rather spend every second possible at our beloved CN! Well, I'm sure it will be fun. It's always good to have new adventures.

    Can you hear that? It is the sweet, seductive voice of CN urging us to come home! I think I now know how Jason felt when he heard the Sirens singing to him!

    Peace & One Love!

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    Default YA MON 85 Hours until we land

    Hope everyone there is having a blast; everyone going have safe travels. Will be going to Repeater's Dinner on Monday and will say Hi to anyone who looks familiar or friendly. Heck after a few libations I talk (and climb) the palm trees. CANT WAIT!

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    Just four more days and we wil be back in paradise. Can't belive the time has come. The bad part is that it will be over to soon.

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    If I don't I have a heart attack, caused by "I-don't-think-I-can-stand-waiting-anymore" sickness, we will leave in 24 hours!!

    Woo hoo, my love! In less than 40 hours we return to the spot where we were married - our own little paradise! I can't wait to spend the next week with my one true love at our hearts true home.

    Let the preparations begin 'cause ready or not, here we come!

    One Love!

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    Kingmelon are you ready man? I guess ya'll leave in the morning. Have a safe trip and see you there.

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    Arriving 07/23 great pic

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    Kingfish, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready! We leave tonight from Cincinnati for Atlanta. Then, tomorrow morning, the magic begins!! We are scheduled to land in Mobay at 10:30 a.m. Should be setting foot in Paradise around 1:00. We'll try to save you some rum - but no promises! Have a safe trip.

    One Love!

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    Great picture hope we get to meet up with you guys before you check out. LD stands out, he has a very long pony tail!

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