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    Default Need Help with Romance Rewards Account

    Hi - we will be at CSS on 12/12 - meeting up with some friends.
    It is our 7th Couples trip and their second. Each time we have stayed, our nights were credited to our Romance Rewards account automatically, no problems.

    When our friends first went (in April 2012) they signed up for Romance Rewards - they stayed 6 nights and, therefore should be eligible for ther perks under the Young Love category. However, when she recently went to do the pre-check in, she noticed that their 2012 nights had not been credited to her RR acount. She is being told that since a year has passed, her account cannot be updated for those nights - when her account should have been updated after her stay. Since she is not a member of this board, I offered to come on here and see if you can provide any assistance or recommend another route - Is there any way her account can be fixed? She has been emailing with and has basically been told "You have up to 12 months after check out to request for your account to be updated. " and that is all they will do...

    Help? Please?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Linda,

    Could you please send me an email at Would be happy to try and assist.

    Thank you!
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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    Hi Carrie - thanks for your response. I have been in contact with both Tadean and Michelle and they resolved the issue. This is why Couples rocks.

    Can't wait to try out CSS in ...10 days!

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    I also can't wait to try out CSS in...8 days!
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