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    Default CSA: Noise from down the Beach?

    We returned recently from our 5th stay at CSA and our 4th stay in a BFVS. We experienced something this trip that we had not on previous ones and I wonder if others have heard it? We were in building 43, so pretty central, in a 3rd floor room, on the left side of the building as you face the beach (we've been on the right side before if that made any difference).

    We could hear loud music, with some serious bass, playing until 3am or 4am on 3 of our nights. The music was not from the Great House but from clubs in Negril. The first time was a Saturday and I thought it must be a special celebration day in Negril. I asked some staff the next day and they said it was probably just "regular parties." One said that there is a lot of partying between November and New Year's. We heard the same loud music on Sunday night and Tuesday night. Ear plugs helped and we slept fine with them. We just haven't heard noise ever before. We normally stay in January/February. I don't know if it was a time of year thing or how our room was oriented (unlikely since it was so loud, but maybe because other guests in Atrium suites didn't hear it) or just bad luck.

    Does anyone have any ideas? This was the second to third week of November.

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    This happened during our last trip to CSA in March of 2013. We were told that there were spring break parties going on at other clubs on the beach. It was so loud that we initially thought it was happening at the resort! Thankfully, it was only one night.
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    We have stayed at Couples Swept away for 9 days the last 3 Octobers and there is always at least one if not 2 or 3 nights that we too experience the loud Bass from parties down the beach. One of the employees said that Margaritaville is one of the places the music is coming from but I can't say whether that is true or not. In February we stay at Couples Negril and have not heard any noise like that at night.

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    When we stayed at CSA this past January/February, we, too, heard the loud thumping bass noise in our BFVS room on 3 or 4 of our 11 night stay. For us, this was an issue since one of the things we most look forward to is sleeping with our verandah doors open so that we can listen to the sounds of the waves at night. It really does take away from the experience, but I'm not sure that there is anything that Couples can do about it.

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    We experienced the same thing for the very first time, too, on our most recent trip in April. We were told it was Spring Break. We head back this coming Friday...truly hope we don't have the same problem. I'm cursed with "dog ears", so even earplugs don't help! We were also told it was from resorts down the beach and nothing could be done about it.

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    I was just there the week of Thanksgiving in room 4320, and we heard the same loud music. It only bothered me a little bit... I guess laying out in the sun all day made sleeping at night pretty easy. But yes I would like it if that wasn't a regular occurrence. We LOVED our room and want to book our 2nd trip back in May 2015 and want the same room or similar in a different building.

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    It sounds like this is happening throughout the year the. Too bad! We used to love the quiet at night too. Next year is December so we'll see how that goes. Thanks for the feedback!

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    When we stayed last year In August over Jamaica's Independence weekend...WOW!!!! Five nights out of 7 we heard the parties down on the beach toward Negril. We vowed we'd never return during that time frame again. We came home exhausted! Hope this isn't a regular occurrence...bummer. Much prefer the sounds of our little frogs at night!

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    Spring Break is in Feb/March/have heard it too

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    Regretfully the late night noise at CSA has caused a lot of very loyal CSA fans, and very dear friends, not to return.

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    So, what's up with it? Why is it happening now and never on our previous trips? I know that during ATI week this is expected, but I had never heard about it happening other times.

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    Maybe I am an eternal optimist, or I seek the best of all, but we were there the week of Jamaican Independence and heard music 5 out of 9 nights. But we did not have any complaints because we knew the music and sounds were in great fun and OneLove. I was raised to respect that 'when in Rome...' or give honour to those appreciating life. The nights when we heard it, we simply focused on the tree frogs or ocean waves and zoned out.
    After all, we were in Jamaica... at CSA...
    Nothing else mattered.

    Respect & always BlessUp~

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    Usually there first 2 weeks in March. Have never heard anything. We stay in Atriums so not sure if mid resort makes a difference.
    Going back this Mar. so we'll see.

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    We also experienced loud thumping bass music during our last 2 visits (Jan '14 and '12). I only recall it being 2 nights of the 7 that we stayed there and it didn't keep us up at night (BFVS and BFS). Not still was a shame to experience. I wish there was something they could do about it.

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    I, too, am not sure what Couples can do about it, but do see articles periodically about Negril and the "Noise Abatement Act".

    There is a long-standing struggle between hotel operators and entertainment industry persons about the enforcement of (or lack of) the act.
    Occasionally the JHTA and/or Negril Chamber Of Commerce will put the issue in public discussion (via letters to the government or organized monthly meetings). I've seen Lee Issa's photo in some of those - although some may have been related to the jet-ski problem or the proposed breakwater project.

    There was a review recently about Idle Awhile (non-Couples, but Issa-owned) where there had been complaints b/c of the construction noise from a near-by property. According to the reviewer, Lee Issa personally tracked them down and made sure the noise was not to much of an issue and said he was working on ways to reduce it. I would venture that if he got involved for a smaller, short-term thing like that (Idle Awhile has very few rooms), he's probably involved in discussions on the noise abatement act as well.

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