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    From the website, I know the pre-check in must be completed "no later than 3 days prior to arrival", just curious how soon before your arrival you're completing the online check-in.

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    We did ours a week before. It worked great!!

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    what is this and where do you have to do this???

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    The pre-check in looks to be for the romance rewards so that they have the gift ready when you arrive, correct? Otherwise you don't have to do this, or did I miss something. I checked the FAQ and that is what I got from it.


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    We did the pre check in one month ahead of time.


    Pre Check in is on the Romance Rewards page. The link is:

    The Pre Check in is to give the resort your updated flight numbers and arrive time, and to pick your reward gift depending on your level.

    Irie Mon

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    Hi gordborg,
    You can pre-check in with the attached link.


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    Click on Romance Rewards on the left navbar. You can sign up for this program in that area, view your account and do the pre-check in too.

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    I didn't know that a pre-check in was required. Can someone post more info on this please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordborg View Post
    what is this and where do you have to do this???
    It is part of the Romance Rewards Program where you tell Couples which arrival gifts you prefer. Theoretically, it is so Couples can have those gifts ready for you at check-in. If you don't do it, they will still get you your gifts, they might just have to be delivered to your room instead.

    Pre-check-in can be done at this link:
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Not required but recommended so they can have your reward items ready when you get there.

    Bart & Bug

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    oh ok this is for rewards program...not need since its my first time to csa..47 days to go..50 days till the wedding..

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