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Thread: Lunch at CN

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleversole View Post don't HAVE to sit down and wait to eat.
    True...I often stand at the bar.

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    We were at C.N. from November 16 -30.We often ate at the Beach grill. We were never given a menu. It was back to the old system where you went to the grril and a lady took your order. Then she gave you a machine that beeped when your order was ready. It was the same menu beside the grill as we had when we were there for 2 weeks in June. If you wanted a drink you simply went to the bar while you were wating for your order.

    The Cassava certinly had more variety but you had to dress up a bit more that the beach grill.

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    We have only been to CN three times, but we were never given a buzzer to let us know when our order was ready. We have to be up there to hear when they called our order ready. I know that this is done sometimes with the beepers, but it was never being done during our lunches there. All in all the food is good, but I prefer table service when I can get it. Your mileage may vary.

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