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    Default pregnant at CSA?

    I have just discovered we are having a baby! We are also due to arrive at CSA very soon! Two blessings!

    If all goes well, I will be ten weeks along by then. Anyone been in the same boat? I am concerned about sooo many things! I don't mind the no alcohol side of things, but am concerned about mozzies/sandflies and not being able to use DEET; concerned about the chances of an upset tummy, being unable to use the hot tub, not to mention a transatlantic flights!

    I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences!

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    I went to Jamaica when I was 16 weeks and Mexico when I was 28 weeks. No problems either time. I drank non alcoholic pina coladas and smoothies and relaxed on the beach while DH when scuba diving. No one ever told me not to use DEET - boys are almost 3 and 16 months and they seem to be fine. No hot tubs though since they can cause miscarriage. I continued to exercise for about an hour a day up until the day before I gave birth both times and kept of my routine on vacation - no problems.


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    I traveled extensively with both pregnancies..... and both further along than yours. The only "real" issue that I see is you will still be tired. Probably very very tired. And if you have morning sickness, (Ooh, I hope not for your sake) at 10 weeks, you will probably still have some. Other than that, you should be good.

    You'll have to check the temp of the hot tubs (since you don't want to go in if it's too hot -- although I always found that the air temperature was too hot for me to want to be in a hot tub at CSA, pregnant or no....) And you won't want to use DEET, but there are some very effective non-deet, natural sprays available (google buzzaway, that's what I use even now.) For the flight, make sure that you get up and walk around frequently to avoid swelling, and drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Packing some crackers might help with any queasiness on the flight. (I found I was more sensitive to bumps and stuff on the airplane when I was PG.)

    And as always, check with your dr. to make sure that you are good to travel.

    Congratulations and have a great trip!!

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