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    We are looking to plan a two week+ trip for next winter and had a question on the Rewards Program. This will be our first trip to Couples and our first trip to Jamaica. We are thinking about splitting our trip between CTI for the first 7 nights and CSS for the second part of our stay that will be 7-9 more days. So my question is can we use rewards on our trip to CSS that will immediately follow our trip to CTI or do the rewards take a while to become available? If we can the site states "You must pre-check in at least 3 days in advance of your arrival date." and "Please note that failure to pre check-in may result in a further delay or forfeiture of benefits." Just wondering how it would work as we would like to use the rewards if at all possible.


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    Not sure if they apply that fast but you can use the repeater rewards if you sign up for RW before you go. That way you will get the Repearter Dinner and cocktail party at least.

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    Hello wallace02mgd, the nights from CSS (first part of your stay) will be immediately added upon check out and then you need to visit the concierge desk on arrival to request your Young Love benefits to which you will entitled by then. Hope that helps, and have a wonderful trip!
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    Thanks for the info it's great to know the rewards will be available right away. Can't wait to get this trip booked then start the countdown!!!

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