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    Default CSA room question

    We're looking at booking CSA for our next holiday (being brave and trying something different after a great holiday at CN a couple of years ago). But we're confused by the room categories. In all the TA brochures in the UK, Atrium rooms are more expensive to book than Garden Verandah rooms. But it looks like GV rooms have more stuff (like a TV and stocked mini-bar). So why are they showing as cheaper? What are we not spotting in the small print?

    And is it worth upgrading at all from a basic garden room? Help!! Too many decisions!!!

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    The garden rooms (old section) are the cheapest followed by the garden verandah suites (new section) then great house veranda suites, atrium, ocean verandahs, beachfront suites, beachfront verandah suites and the great house jacuzzi suites being the highest category. Any room with verandah is in the new section. You're not missing anything in the small print.

    We stayed in a Beachfront verandah last time and have booked a ocean verandah for our next trip but might upgrade. Loved the seaview and position but can't decide whether it's worth upgrading for the next visit.

    I don't think the UK brochures descriptions of the rooms are very good. Have a look at Couples UK website

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    Default Difference between GVS and Atrium

    The Garden Verandah is further back from the beach than the Atriums which may account for the difference in cost. Also, it may be different at different times of year because the Atriums were actually cheaper than the Garden Verandah for our trip coming up in 25 days. My hubby insists on the TV so we went with the Garden Verandah. We did not use the mini bar so that did not factor into the decision.

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    In England the Garden Verandah Room we have booked for March 2010 is more expensive than an Atrium.

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    On the Couples UK website Atrium rooms are definitely showing as more expensive than Garden Verandah throughout the whole of 2010. I still think it's a bit odd as the Verandah rooms seem to have so much more stuff.

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    But...aaah! You have got to check out the Atrium rooms. With only 4 to a building, those fabulous shutters, more privacy and the private hammocks! They just have "it".....IMHO, I am happy to spend more money on a great room than on stuff--especially a TV, paying a premium NOT to have it is just right.....89 days to go!

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