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    Default Shutterfly book - Let's see yours

    I finally got our vacation photos from last March complied in a Shutterfly book. I'm sharing them here. For best viewing click on the abbreviated title link just under the words photo book, go to options and change background to black - you can also set the speed. Use the two page view the first time as photos are complied together.

    I'm anxious to see yours as well.
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    Ours are all in Webshots, if it does not come up on albums, change it from pictures to albums, otherwise both our trips to CN and our trip to CSS are on there, excursions to YS Falls, Pelican Bar, Black River, Rick's Cafe, Mayfield Falls, Port Antonio, Somerset Falls, Boston Bay, Blue Lagoon are on there as well.

    Enjoy. Copy and paste if the link does not work.

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    Your books are beautiful! We did something similar with from Cancun last year with family. They loved the books!

    Thank you for sharing.


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    Let me elaborate a bit. I'm hoping to see actual photo pages like a book where there is anywhere from 1-9 photos on a page. I'm interested in seeing other's composition style.

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