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    Default Music Video shot in Negril

    Thought I would share this music video shot in Negril. Jamaican singer Mr.Vegas with his new release "My Jam". CSA and CN guests will see some familiar faces and places

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    Thank you! We had to recently cancel our upcoming December trip and I'm missing Negril sooo much right now .Seeing that video brought me there for at least a moment.. Loved seeing my favorite artist Karl Ricketts along with all the other familiar faces and spots. I"m sure I"m going to be watching it many times until I finally get "back home".

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    This video made me miss Negril even more. Can't wait to return.

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    Thank you for sharing this lovely video. Great song and scenery. Boy the young lady in the cut off shorts sure could move!! So looking forward to returning to CN in the middle of November for 2 weeks. Sadly I did not see any faces that I recognised.

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    we'll miss seeing you guys!!

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    We were looking forward to seeing you again too Sandman! Sal's shoulder is recovered enough for some volleyball
    Not sure if we'll be doing a December trip again, this was maybe going to be the last at that time of year.Holidays are a little more hectic now that we have 2 grandsons and I'm involved in part time childcare.
    Sure will miss xmas decorations at Swept Away and seeing all the familiar December faces .
    Have a great trip!

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