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    Default CSA sports complex

    Hi, does anyone know if the sports complex offers barbells with weights for deadlifts and back squats?
    Thank you

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    If you'd like to check out the fitness center yourself to see what's available, click on the bar for Swept Away above, then click on the Map & 360-Degree View link. Once the map opens, you can click on the link for the fitness center, and you'll be able to see the fitness center layout and available amenities.

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    It sure does.

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    There is at least one maybe two squat racks with bars and there are free bars and bumpers for deadlifting. My wife and I are avid Crossfitters and along with another CrossFit couple last year were able to come up with enough equipment for alot of different wods.

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    this is awesome news!!! Thanks everyone!

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    Yes, there are all sorts of free weights, benches, and racks at the CSA fitness center.

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