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    My wife and I like to pack light and plan to use the workout facilities at CSA in October. Its our first trip to CSA. 5 or 6 workout days will produce some real dirty shorts and shirts. What can we find there to help us, how long would it take. Some veteran advise would help.

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    I wouldn't pay to have my clothes laundered. It's relatively inexpensive but it takes several days to get your clothes back since they send them out. I wouldn't feel comfortable with this. I brought some Tide sink packets to wash my bathing suits and undergarments. Worked like a charm! Workout clothes tend to not be heavy material, and most dry quickly. I had no problem with my garments not drying. Just hung them up in the restroom. Some say things don't dry because of the humidity, but I had zero issues with that. I paid $2 for 3 packets of detergent and the money was more than well spent. Hope this helps!

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    We use woolite, that we bring with us. works great!!

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    Wash them in what ever you like, then roll them tight in a towel. Unroll and and hang them. They will be dry enough in an hour. This worked great for us and my wife thought I was really smart! : )

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    Thanks everyone. That's a plan. Now we just have to get thru the next 9 1/2 days till we leave.

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