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    Default A few Questions About CN

    We have been on this website for the last few weeks and have found it to be so helpfull..We have booked our trip although we have to wait till April 2010, Anyway we are looking for a few answers,

    1- We know that there CN has a swimming pool, what about hot tubs? What time do they close at? Or are they open late etc?

    2- What is the snorkeling like in front of the resort if any?

    3- Are all the rooms pretty much laid out the same and what is the best room/block/area?

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    1. 2 pools, 4 hot tubs never close.
    2. Nothing much to see in the swimming area. You need to take the snorkeling trip that takes you out to a reef (no additional charge).
    3. All rooms are the same except for the veiw. All suites are the same except for the veiw.
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    RE snorkeling:
    It is true there isn't much to see right out front of the resort.
    We took a kayak out and around toward the left of the resort (past the GL) and just past the point there is a great little hidden beach. You can pull your kayak in there and snorkel around. Quite a bit to see, and very private!

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    A question; for the "Snorkeling trips", how deep is the water??

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    There are two pools -- the main pool with the swim-up bar -- this is in the center of the resort and huge. The other pool is behind the watersports hut -- used for the scuba classes -- but available at other times for use by guests. There are two hot tubs at the main pool (one on each end), one 'hidden' hot tub close to small pool, and one hot tub on the au natural area.

    The area directly in front of the resort is really not conducive to snorkeling -- unless you love looking at pristine white sand. You are able to take multiple snorkeling trips on the boat -- all free, except if you want to do a night snorkel, which I hear is $30 per person and well worth the cost. However, luv2snrkl, seems to have found a great solution to no quality snorkeling right off the resort.

    Room/block is all a personal choice -- which side of the resort you prefer, do you want close access to the nude beach area, do you want to be closer or further from the main resort areas, etc. Our only request at check in (garden deluxe room) was that we were put in a quiet location where we did not overlook another property or road. We were assigned a 2nd floor room in building 1 -- we loved it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by acranger View Post
    A question; for the "Snorkeling trips", how deep is the water??
    You can deflate your vest and swim to the bottom with no problem.

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    There are two types of rooms at CN - regular rooms and suites. All regular rooms and all suites are laid out the same. The difference in price within a category is based on location. Note that, because the buildings are laid out on an angle to the water, there are really no "direct oceanfront" rooms, in that the entire front of the room directly faces the ocean with no obstructions, such as trees.

    Oceanfront rooms are obviously closer to the water than gardenview. However, some folks prefer the gardenview because they can be very quiet and beautiful. We had one that overlooked the spa building and there were lots of beautiful trees, birds, fish, etc. It's really a matter of cost and personal preference.

    There are 3 floors in every building -- stairs, no elevators. Again, some folks prefer to be on the ground floor so they can walk right onto the beach or the grounds. Others want higher floors for the "view."

    One suggestion -- if you like to go to sleep early, you might want to get a room away from the main restaurant where the shows are held as there can be some noise. It's not terribly loud and it doesn't go into the wee hours but if you plan to be asleep at 9 p.m., a more distant room might be desirable.

    Finally, the property is relatively small, as compared to CSA. Thus, no matter what building you're in, it's not a long walk to anything.

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