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    ct ti fan...I've made the same point elsewhere on this forum. It may sound rather crazy, but.....I actually find it MORE uncomfortable to be in a "normal" social gathering where everybody is clothed than one on Tower Island where everybody just happens to be nekkid. I don't really know how to explain it....but that's just the way it is. I'm more comfortable / at ease around a group of nekkid people than I am around a group of clothed people.

    I don't know if that's totally weird or normal...or somewhere in between....but that's a fact.

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    In the first time experience review you will find all kinds of first timers full of anxiety until 15 to 30 minutes have past. You will also find my post telling my side of the single hour on our last day at CN last year.
    We are going to CSS and plan to be free from clothing at SSB as much as my woman will stand it. There is a liberation from being naked you can't get form anything else.

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    dude believe nobody cares. I am far from blessed and so are lots of others on the AN beach. As far as the ladies same thing. All shapes and sizes. The only peson that matters to me is my wife and to her I am perfect and vise a versa.

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    If you are self conscious about anything I suggest you come the first week of February as I am short, fat, bald and old so I do my public service by making everyone else feel better about themselves.

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    Amen, I'm the token short ugly blonde during the week we go! Girls and guys get over it! We don't pay attention to your body but what you as a person "embody "

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamie&penny View Post
    If you are self conscious about anything I suggest you come the first week of February as I am short, fat, bald and old so I do my public service by making everyone else feel better about themselves.
    That is an awesome post, and the epitome of what an AN beach is for. No worries, nobody cares. Just good friendships and a few run cocktails.

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    You give the obligatory "down up" with the eyes, and it's over with. Never felt ogled, never felt stared at. I saw great looking naked people, I saw fat naked people, I saw normal naked people. Like the Breaking Bad character Saul Goodman - it stands for "It's all good, man". It's fine - it doesn't matter. I, as a reluctant newbie a few months ago found that out. It just doesn't matter.

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    I haven't spent a day on an AN beach although I've stayed at CN, CSS and visited CTI for a day.
    The only experience I had was visiting SSB after 5pm on our last full day and speaking to some of you nekkid people at the SSB bar before it closed. I've got to say, we met such great people, the friendliest we had met in our 10-day stay and had so many laughs that I really hope my spouse wants to visit again on our next visit.
    But here's the impression / feeling / atmosphere / attitude that I felt from those we met,
    AN is about being yourself and being accepted for who you are.
    Most if not all people are ashamed of their physical body or maybe only one specific aspect of it. We spend far too much time obsessing about it. AN people forget about all that, they're not concerned with hiding their bodies so I don't have to worry about mine. People come in all shapes colours and sizes and once you see that, I think maybe you stop seeing that, and you get past it, and get to know who people really are and more importantly who you really are.
    Imagine life without all the pressure to be perfect placed on us by corporations that sell us image-enhancing products and tell us how we should look, that's freedom. Irie.

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    Peoples ideas about their bodies have been formed by relentless brainwashing by the fashion and cosmetics industry..."you don't look good, but spend enough money and we can make you look good". The people who choose AN have taken the first step to break the hold these leeches have on them.

    Once you spend a couple hours at SSB you'll wonder why on earth you ever let these horrible companies have that much power over you.

    A short time on an AN beach can very much change how you view yourself and others.

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    Bruce + Jessica, I hope you give it a try next time. Your impressions are correct about the patrons at SSB or the Island. You will meet some of the friendliest, funniest and most outgoing people imaginable... I mean, let's face it, you gotta be pretty darn outgoing to get naked in front of a bunch of strangers! It is truly an amazing experience. From the sounds of it, I think you will fit right in!
    One Love Mon,
    Jim & Michelle

    CTI & CSS 2014 split
    CTI & CSS 2015 split

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    I sure as hell did. Sometimes I leave my surf shirt on at a normal beach, or a waterpark. But for some reason, I just didn't care at all when we went AN. Everybody is different, but we're really all the same just different sizes. You'll see big, small, and everything in between. I tend to people watch, but I tried to be more careful with my gaze in this area because I didn't want others feeling self conscious because of me. I never felt judged, and honestly that was refreshing.

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